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  • Dog Size: 8 lbs & up
  • 18 levels of correction
  • Waterproof 
  • Lightweight receiver
  • Low battery indicator
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PetSafe PDBC-300 Deluxe Bark Control has a patented, breakthrough in bark detection. Some bark collars detect barking with a microphone and activate on sound, but can be falsely set off by other noises or another dogs bark. Some bark collars use vibration but can be falsely set off by other motion or jostling. The Perfect Bark technology combines both sound and vibration, and then uses a computer controlled microprocessor technology to analyze these inputs. The result is a fool-proof bark detection system, assuring the best possible anti-bark training.

Our Bark Control Collars are simple to use, just place the battery in the receiver collar and attach it around your dog's neck. When your dog barks, a mild harmless static shock is emitted to cause a sufficient deterrent to excessive barking.

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