K9electronics.com Dogtra 300M Element Shock Collar Review
Dogtra 300M Element Shock Collar Review

Dogtra 300M Element Shock Collar Review

The Dogtra 300M Element training collar system is easy to use. However, it also includes a wide range of high quality features, which will be discussed in this Dogtra 300M Element shock collar review. This collar replaces the popular Dogtra 200 NCP Gold, which had long been a trainer's favorite.

This model is similar to its predecessor in many ways, but also includes new design features such as a smaller, sleeker design. This collar is designed for use with one dog. If you need to train two dogs simultaneously, check out the Dogtra 302M Element collar system. As you'll see in this Dogtra Element 300 M review, this collar system is great for basic training or even more advanced training scenarios.

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Features and Benefits

Although every product naturally has its pros and cons, this high quality training collar system has more than it's share of "pros." Some of these features include:

  • Easy to use rheostat dial lets you smoothly select an intensity level ranging from 1 to 100, without sudden jumps between correction levels.
  • Transmitter is water-resistant, while the collar is waterproof.
  • Transmitter control is small, ergonomically designed, and easy to handle.
  • Ni-MH batteries are long lasting, rechargeable and able to be replaced by the owner.
  • Perfect for medium to mild-mannered dogs who respond well to low to medium powered correction stimulations.
  • Collar doesn't have an external antenna to get in the way of your training session.
  • 3/4-inch collar strap is lightweight and comfortable for dogs to wear.


The Dogtra 300 M Element provides many advantages to dog owners and trainers, as shown in this Dogtra 300M Element shock collar review of "pros."

  • Full-featured collar provides both constant and "nick" correction stimulations, in addition to a non-electronic vibration pager mode.
  • Suitable for many different training needs, thanks to this collar's 1/2-mile range.
  • One-charger system makes it easy to charge both the receiver and the transmitter at the same time.
  • The LED battery life indicator makes it simple to keep an eye on your battery level.
  • Suitable for dogs that weigh 15 pounds and up.


Although this Dogtra Element 300 M review has identified many pros to owning this collar system, there are a few cons buyers should be aware of.

  • Although sufficient for many training needs, the 1/2-mile range provided by this collar may not be suitable for training long-range hunting dogs in the field.
  • The low to mid-range power system provided by this collar may not be sufficient for particularly stubborn or strong-willed dogs.
  • This collar cannot be used on dogs smaller than 15 pounds.


After reading this Dogtra 300M Element shock collar review, you are undoubtedly now aware of the many advanced features it offers. If you were originally looking for the popular Dogtra 200NCP model, this model is the one that replaces it. If you're looking for an easy to use low to mid-range collar system that offers plenty of advanced features, reading this Dogtra Element 300 M review may have helped you decide that this is the collar to buy. If so, you'll find the best prices right here.

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