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  • To protect against lightening surges
  • Helps to keep pets contained during surge
  • For Use with Dogtra E-Fence
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The Dogtra e-Fence Lightning Surge Protector  is specifically designed for use with all electronic containment systems with protection for the AC and transmitter loop. In the event of a rare catastrophic surge, such as a massive direct lightning strike, the protector disconnects the transmitter. The Dogtra Lightening Surge Protector for the Dogtra e-Fence has a larger capacity to dissipate surges. It protects the transmitter so it can continue to keep the pet inside the designated safety zone.

The Dogtra Protector has a space saving design with the low profile unit plugging directly into the wall. The transformer plugs into the side of the unit for better balance and stability. There is an extra convenience outlet. The Dogtra Lightning Surge Protection Module adds that additional security to your pet containment system. 

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