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  • Replacement Collar for Surestim M PLUS Series
  • Add-a-Collar for Surestim M PLUS Series
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The Dogtra Surestim M PLUS Replacement Collar/Receiver can be used to expand an existing M PLUS system or as a replacement for a lost or damaged collar. Choose from Black or Orange Collar Straps.

Extra Collars are color matched to the buttons on the transmitter in the following order:

  • 1 Dog System - Black Collar
  • 2 Dog System - Black and Orange Collars

So if you are buying a replacement collar , buy the same color collar strap as is being replaced. If expanding your system purchase the appropriate color strap(Orange) to match the secondary transmitter buttons.

Code Matching: To set the coding on the SureStim H Plus transmitter to an existing receiver/collar, or a SureStim H Plus additional receiver collar, follow the steps below.

  1. Turn the transmitter on by pushing the ON/OFF button located on the right side of the transmitter.
  2. Set the rheostat/volume dial to level “0”(for units without an ON/OFF button on the transmitter, proceed to the next step after setting the intensity dial to “0”).
    • To code the Black Dogtra H Plus Collar set the Toggle Switch on the front of the transmitter to the “up” position.
    • To code the Orange Dogtra H Plus collar set the Toggle Switch on the front of the transmitter to the “down” position.
  3. Starting with the Dogtra H Plus receiver/collar in the off position, place the red dot on the back of the transmitter to the red dot on the receiver/collar.
  4. Hold the two red dots together until the green LED blinks rapidly on the receiver/collar.
  5. Within 5 seconds after taking the two red dots apart, with the transmitter rheostat/volume dial set to “0”, hold down the Nick and Constant button simultaneously for 3 seconds, or until the rapidly blinking green LED resumes to a slower paced green blink.
  6. When the LED indicator light blinks once every 4 seconds the coding is now complete.


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