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Parts & Batteries Midwest Divider Panel for Fold and Carry Dog Crates

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  • Allows crate to grow with your dog
  • Helps cut housebreaking in half
  • See Details for crates that use this divider panel

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A Divider Panel adds versatility to your pet home and saves you money by allowing you to adjust the size as your puppy grows. In most cases, you should buy a MIDWEST Home large enough for your dog when he grows up. However, if the home is too big when your pup is small, he may eliminate in one corner, then go to another corner to sleep. This helps cut housebreaking time in half!

Please refer to the information below to ensure that you order the correct divider panel for your dog crate.

Midwest Divider Panel for Fold and Carry Dog Crate Sizes and Crate Model Chart:

  • Model 02DP: Fits crate models 502, 602, 702BK, 1224, 1624, 1624DD, 1624UL and 1624PC
  • Model 04DP: Fits crate models 504, 604, 704BK, 1230, 1630, 1630DD and 1630UL
  • Model 06DP: Fits crate models 506, 606, 606DD, 706BK, 1236, 1336, 1636, 1636DD and 1636UL
  • Model 08DP: Fits crate models 508, 608, 608DD, 708BK, 1242, 1342, 1642, 1642DD and 1642UL
  • Model 10DP: Fits crate model S 510, 610, 710BK, 1248, 1648, 1648DD and 1648UL

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