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  • Replacement Floor Pan
  • See Detailed Description for specific crate models
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Replacement floor pan for Midwest Dog Crates.

Pan Models and Crate Models the Pan works with:

  • 22PAN: Life Stage 22", Life Stage Double Door 22", Life Stages Triple Door 22"
  • 6PAN: Life Stage 24", Life Stage Double Door 24", Life Stages Triple Door 24", Canine Camper 25"
  • 7PAN: Life Stage 30", Life Stage Double Door 30", Life Stages Triple Door 30", Better Buy Fold & Carry 30", Canine Camper 31"
  • 8PAN: Life Stage 36", Life Stage Double Door 36", Life Stages Triple Door 36", Better Buy Fold & Carry 36", Canine Camper 37"
  • 9PAN: Life Stage 42", Life Stage Double Door 42", Life Stages Triple Door 42", Better Buy Fold & Carry 42", Canine Camper 43"
  • 10PAN: Life Stage 48", Life Stage Double Door 48", Life Stages Triple Door 48", Better Buy Fold & Carry 48", Canine Camper 48"

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