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Pet Containment & Barriers Petsafe PIRF-100 Indoor Radio Fence Transmitter

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  • Dog Size: 8lbs & Up
  • Range: Adjustable to 20 ft.
  • Collar NOT included
  • Keeps pets out of selected rooms & off furniture
  • Works with:
  • Any PetSafe In-Ground Containment receiver
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Also use as an add on to your PetSafe / Radio Fence In-Ground Containment system. Works with any PetSafe or Radio Systems in-ground containment receiver

Recommended for pets that are at least 6 months old and weigh at least 8 pounds.


  • Effective in keeping your dog out of particular rooms or off of your favorite furniture
  • Use near garbage cans or food prep areas
  • Works with any Radio Fence In-Ground Containment receiver
  • Will not work with the wireless PIF-200 or PIF-300
  • Adjustable range up to 20 feet
  • Compatible with Radio Fence
  • Instructional manual included
  • Collar NOT included

1 Year Warranty

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