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Dogtra Fences

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  1. Dogtra EF-3500

    The Dogtra EF-3500 e-fence features 8 levels of stimulation, a non-stimulating vibration signal and is designed for dogs over 10 lbs.

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $199.99

  2. Dogtra EF-3500 Receiver

    The Dogtra EF-3500 receiver is a replacement for lost or damaged units or to add more dogs to your electric dog fence.

    Regular Price: $139.99

    Special Price $119.99

  3. Dogtra E-Fence Expansion Kit

    The Dogtra E-Fence Expansion Kit features additional wire, training flags and splices to expand your existing electronic pet containment system.

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price $44.99

  4. Dogtra E-Fence Lightning Protector

    The Dogtra E-Fence Lightning Protector is compatible with all pet containment systems and is designed to protect e-fence transmitters from lightning damage.

    Regular Price: $54.99

    Special Price $43.99

  5. Dogtra SBC5V1000-5.5 Charger

    Replacement battery charger for Dogtra systems. See description for compatible models.

    Regular Price: $29.99

    Special Price $24.99

  6. Dogtra E-Fence Flags

    The Dogtra E-Fence training flags can be used as replacement flags or to expand your existing dog containment system.

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $9.99

  7. Dogtra EF-3000 Gold Transmitter

    Replacement Dogtra EF-3000 Gold Transmitter for lost or damaged units.

    Regular Price: $149.99

    Special Price $129.99

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7 Item(s)

A Dogtra Fence will allow your dog the freedom to run and play freely. The e-Fence System collar/receivers are fully waterproof and are designed with your canine's safety and comfort in mind. This containment system has a pager/vibration which warns your dog prior to electrical corrections being made. The Dogtra eF-3000 Gold electric dog fence is tough, durable and will end unsafe gallivanting.