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In-Ground Fencing

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  1. SportDOG SDF-CT Contain + Train

    The SportDOG Brand Contain + Train system combines the fence capabilities of the SDF-100A and the training capabilities of the FieldTrainer SD-425.

    Regular Price: $449.95

    Special Price $419.95

  2. Dogtra EF-3500

    The Dogtra EF-3500 e-fence features 8 levels of stimulation, a non-stimulating vibration signal and is designed for dogs over 10 lbs.

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $199.99

  3. PetSafe YardMax In-Ground Fence

    YardMax Rechargeable In-Ground Fence maximizes the amount of yard space for your pet to play freely in.

    Regular Price: $359.99

    Special Price $319.95

  4. SportDOG SDF-100A In-Ground Fense

    SportDOG SDF-100A IN-GROUND FENCE system is a simple and cost-effective alternative to a traditional fence.

    Regular Price: $299.95

    Special Price $279.95

  5. PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence

    The Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ is the convenient containment system that lets you keep your pet safe in your yard without having to regularly replace collar batteries. Charge your pet's receiver collar when the battery's low and away he goes to enjoy his new yard freedom. Add as many pets as you like with additional compatible collars. 4 adjustable levels of static correction plus tone-only mode for training lets you find just the right level for your pet. The fence installs in about a weekend with some basic DIY skills. You'll bury wires in your yard to set a custom pet area up to 25 acres with additional wire and flags. The Transmitter sends a radio signal through the boundary wire to your pet's collar. If your pet approaches the boundary, he'll hear a warning beep to remind him to stay in the yard. If he continues through the boundary, he'll feel a safe, gentle static correction from the collar to keep him in the yard. After about 2 weeks of training, your pet will quickly learn the areas he is free to enjoy.

    Regular Price: $259.99

    Special Price $229.95

  6. PetSafe Little Dog In-Ground Fence

    Little dogs rejoice! We’ve catered Little Dog In-Ground Fence for your petite pal’s safety. It starts with our smallest waterproof receiver collar, specially designed for greater comfort. The reflective strip on the collar helps you find your small dog at night, so outside playtime doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down! To set up the system, you’ll establish the yard boundaries with underground wiring. Training your best furry friend to stay within those boundaries is a snap. No more straying. No more worrying. Just big freedom for those little paws.

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $219.95

  7. PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence

    Persistent pooch? Hard-headed or hard of hearing? Now you can still keep them playing safely in the yard and nowhere else. With 4 higher-intensity settings than our other collars, even dogs that are difficult to train respond well to the Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence™ system. The safe, gentle static correction works so effectively that most dogs learn to stop in their tracks at the warning beep that precedes the correction. The vibration option is ideal for hearing-impaired dogs, or as an alternative to static correction.

    Regular Price: $249.99

    Special Price $209.95

  8. PetSafe In-Ground Fence

    What a wonderful feeling to give her the freedom to enjoy the yard, without worrying about escape or harm with our In-Ground Fence™! A waterproof UltraLight™ receiver collar and buried perimeter wire combine with a small, sleek transmitter to let your precious pet know she should stay in the yard. The collar features 4 adjustable levels of static correction plus tone-only mode for training to help you find the right level for your pet. Additional built-in safety features help keep your pet in your yard. You’ll feel confident knowing that your pet is playing securely in your yard.

    Regular Price: $209.99

    Special Price $179.95

  9. PetSafe Basic In-Ground Fence

    Basic In-Ground Fence keeps your 8 lbs and up pet contained and secure in up to 5 acres. Can be expanded to an unlimited amount of dogs.

    Regular Price: $179.99

    Special Price $134.95

  10. PetSafe In-Ground Cat Fence

    Set your cat’s curiosity boundaries at the edge of your yard and you’ll never have to worry about her whereabouts. Our popular In-Ground Cat Fence system has had great success for cats, and some even learn faster than dogs! Let them play, bask, and be the natural cats they are, knowing they’re always safe in the yard. Our smallest collar was designed just for cats, with a special stretch section for added safety. Your favorite feline will love her new outdoor freedom. Let your cat's curiosity be satisfied while keeping

    Regular Price: $239.99

    Special Price $209.95

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Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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An invisible pet fence can be installed in a few hours as a do-it-yourself project to establish a permanent boundary area for your dog. Wire buried just inches below the ground transmits a radio signal to the special collar your dog wears. An underground dog fence can cover up to 100 acres and are highly customizable to the size and shape of your property. Some in ground fences can be extended to also create wireless indoor barriers to keep your dog out of specific rooms or areas of your house.