SportDOG SD-425 & SD-425S FieldTrainer Review

by | Apr 3, 2017 | E-Collar Reviews | 5 comments

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is designed to introduce pet owners to a whole new world in e-collars. This completely redesigned version of the ever popular SportDog SD-400 Series boasts even more features, a smaller, more convenient and comfortable design, and is equipped with the new DRYTEK material making both the collar and the receiver completely waterproof and submersible to 25 ft. An idealchoice for obedience training, working with companion pets, or even close range hunting dogs, the SD-425 Series offers the SD-425 model, which includes a lower level of stimulation that is perfect for smaller or more sensitive dogs, and the SD-425S model with a higher stimulation level for those larger or more stubborn dogs. The FieldTrainer SD-425 is easily adjustable so you can customize the features to match your dog’s individual needs.

The SportDog FieldTrainer SD-425 Series is Loaded with Impressive Features

An abundance of advanced features make training or hunting with your dog a pleasurable experience that you won’t find with most other e-collars.


  • Smaller, more compact remote transmitter design:

    Weighing in at just 1.6 oz. and measuring 1 ¾ inches wide and only 5 ¼ inches tall (including the antenna), the remote transmitter is small enough to hang from the included lanyard or even place in your pocket, making it a perfect choice for active trainers who sometimes need to use both hands.
    SportDOG SD-425 & SD-425S FieldTrainer Review

  • Durable, Adjustable Collar Strap:

    The SD-425 Series comes with a ¾ inch x 28 inch black collar strap that can easily be adjusted to fit dogs with neck sizes up to 23 inches; and includes a square metal roller buckle and metal keeper. Since the collar is equipped with a built in antenna, you won’t have to worry about your dog getting hung up in dense terrain.

  • Versatile Stimulation Modes:

    The SportDog FieldTrainer features an abundance of easy to adjust stimulation modes so you can customize your training experience. Choose from Momentary or Continuous and select between Tone or Vibration depending on your unique situation and the needs of your dog. Since changing modes is as simple as rotating the transmitter dial and pushing a single button, you can change modes quickly and as often as you like.

  • A Variety of Stimulation Levels:

    With 7 levels of Momentary stimulation and 7 levels of Continuous stimulation that can be changed instantly, right from the remote transmitter thumb dial, you can easily change stimulation levels depending on your circumstances. As an example, you might choose to use lower levels of stimulation when obedience training or to enforce response to commands that your dog is familiar with, or you might use higher stimulation levels during periods of high distraction like when your dog is chasing cars or other animals.

  • Stimulation Adjustment Right from the Collar:

    An awesome feature about this remote training system is that you even have the ability to change from low to medium stimulation with the SD-425 model, and from medium to high stimulation levels with the SD-425S model right from the receiver-collar itself. This is especially helpful if you are training multiple dogs with varying temperaments, because you can change the level of correction for each individual collar and train both sensitive and stubborn dogs from a single remote transmitter.

  • 500 Yard Range:

    The SD-425 Series offers a range of approximately 500 yards, making it ideal for obedience training or very close range hunting. The range of this system may vary depending upon things like weather conditions, obstruction by trees or other objects, and terrain.

  • DRYTEK Technology:

    Advanced DRYTEK technology makes both the remote control transmitter and the collar completely waterproof and submersible up to 25 ft., so you can feel comfortable training in just about any terrain or adverse weather conditions.

  • Expandable System:

    The SD-425 Series is easily expandable so you can train or hunt with up to three dogs at once using a single remote. Just purchase the SportDog brand Add-a-Dog collars and follow a few simple steps to program your multi-dog system in a matter of minutes. Train one, two or three dogs without having to give up the tone/ vibration function.

  • Long Lasting Quick Charge:

    The system is equipped with Lithium Ion batteries for both the transmitter and the collar. The two-hour quick charge system means that your dog training collar will be ready for training when you are, and since the charge lasts anywhere between 40 and 60 hours between charges, you can rest assured that your remote training system won’t run out of power when you need it the most. A Dual Lead Charger is even included, so you can charge both components at once.

Simplified Functions at Your Fingertips

The SD-425 and SD-425S remote control transmitter is ergonomically designed in order to place complete control comfortably at your fingertips. The convenient thumb wheel enables you to change stimulation levels and modes quickly and easily, without taking your eyes off your dog(s)  and the two or three dog mode will enable you to control the stimulation and mode with an individual button for each dog. This advanced remote transmitter is equipped with a soft coat finish for added comfort as well.

What We Like

The SportDog FieldTrainer SD-425 Series is loaded with an abundance of really impressive features, but there are a few that really stand out and make this remote dog training system a favorite amongst hunters and pet owners alike. Our favorite features of the system include:

  • Easily Expandable for Up To Three Dogs:

    Many competitors offer only one or two dog systems. The SD-425 Series offers trainers the capability to expand this system easily so that it can be used with up to three dogs at once, and adding more dogs is a simple process that takes a matter of a few minutes.

  • Separate Buttons for Each Dog (multi-dog expansion):

    Once you have programmed the remote for additional dogs, you will have a separate button for each dog without having to give up the valuable tone and vibration features, making training multiple dogs much more simple. Additionally, since you can select medium stimulation or high stimulation right on each collar, you can train sensitive dogs and dogs with more stubborn temperaments at the same time from a single remote.

  • Miniature Remote Transmitter:

    The compact design of the remote control transmitter makes it ideal for individuals with smaller hands, and it is so small and lightweight that it hangs easily from the included lanyard, or can be slipped into your pocket when discreetness is needed.

  • Two Hour Quick Charge:

    The system is equipped with Lithium Ion Batteries that can be charged to full capacity within just two hours, meaning your remote dog trainer is ready to go when you are.

  • Affordable:

    The SportDog SD-425 is priced at just $169.95 and the more powerful SD-425S Stubborn dog model is priced at $179.95, making it an affordable option for companion pets and close range hunting dogs alike.

  • Versatile to Meet Your Needs:

    The SportDog SD-425 FieldTrainer Series is available in two options to meet your specific needs. While the SD-425 is an ideal choice for pet owners with smaller or more sensitive dogs, the SD-425S model is specifically designed for larger, more stubborn dogs.

Room for Improvement:

The SportDog FieldTrainer SD-425 Series is definitely a top choice amongst electric dog collars for both smaller, more sensitive dogs and larger dogs with a stubborn streak, but some things could stand to improve:

  • Range:

    While 500 yards of range is effective for dogs who require simple obedience training and can be very efficient for training dogs not to jump up on people, counter surf, chase vehicles or other animals, chew, and to walk off leash and obey some commands, owners who wish to offer their dogs more room to roam may wish to consider models like the SD-825, which offers up to ½ mile range, the SD-1225, which offers up to ¾ mile range or the SD-1825 which boasts a whopping 1 mile of range instead. These models offer all of the same features of the SD-425 Series; the only difference in the systems is the range.

  • Stimulation Levels:

    With 7 different stimulation levels this remote e-collar is sufficient for most simple obedience training tasks, but we would like to see more levels of correction for unique situations and more difficult training tasks.

In a Nut Shell

As you can tell from this SportDog Fieldtrainer SD-425 & Sd-425S dog training collar review, the redesigned series offers a wide variety of unique features that make it an ideal choice for close range training, and the durable, waterproof design means this system will last through all of your dog training adventures.

An Added Note

Dog owners who are a little bit more price conscious and will be conducting close range obedience training in a house, apartment or small yard might consider the little brothers to the SD-425 Series. Still packed with an abundance of features, the SD-105 YardTrainer and SD-105S YardTrainer for stubborn dogs offer 100 yards of range and a rechargeable, waterproof receiver making them ideal for training in small quarters.

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