K9electronics.com Dogtra iQ Plus Training Collar Review
Dogtra iQ Plus Training Collar Review

Dogtra iQ Plus Training Collar Review

Have a small to medium size companion pet with a normal temperament? Do you have two dogs or plan to get another dog in the future that you would like to train from the same remote control? If your answer is “Yes” to the above questions the new expandable iQ Plus is a great option. As you'll see in this Dogtra iQ training collar review, this collar is small in size but big on features.

Dogtra is a brand known for high-quality pet products at reasonable prices and the Dogtra IQ Plus is no exception. The IQ Plus is a remote training collar that is popular among companion dog owners who wish to train their pets out of undesirable behaviors such as jumping up, digging, chasing or basic obedience. Its light-weight design makes it a good choice for small to medium dogs (10 pounds minimum) and those with moderate temperaments. Many people who have tried this electronic trainer are amazed at how quickly they see results. Customers also appreciate how easy it is to use. With so many features and benefits, it is no wonder that the Dogtra IQ Plus is such a favorite.

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System Components Include

This system comes complete with the following items:

Hand Held Transmitter- The hand held transmitter allows you to use a variety of correction techniques and to adjust the level of correction from a distance, using only one hand. Fully waterproof, its design is sensible making it functional and easy to use. The remote is also setup for two dogs by simply purchasing an additional receiver-collar for $99.99 at the time of purchase or anytime in the future.

Receiver Collar- The receiver collar is light weight and durable making it a good choice for small to medium dogs.  The over-all level of correction from this collar is best suited to animals with moderate temperaments.  This collar is also fully waterproof—an added bonus for an active dog.

Battery Charger- The battery charger allows you to charge batteries quickly—in as little as two hours. Batteries can give up to six hours of use on a single charge.

Splitter Cable- The splitter cable allows you to charge both devices at the same time. Because the batteries can be charged quickly, the system can be ready anytime you are ready for a training session.

Owner’s Manual- The owner’s manual gives a complete introduction to the system and its components, a troubleshooting guide and helpful training suggestions. This little booklet is worth its weight in gold.

FREE E-Collar Training Guide- K9 Electronics is the ONLY dealer that offers training support and a FREE 40 page, step-by-step e-collar training guide download with your purchase. This invaluable guide will walk you through the steps of properly introducing your dog(s) to the remote training collar as well as training basic obedience and breaking bad habits.

How It Works

The way this collar works is incredibly simple: the touch of a button triggers a signal to be relayed from the remote transmitter to the receiver collar whenever your dog requires correction. The receiver collar then gives the dog vibration only or a mild static stimulation to let him know that he has behaved inappropriately.

There are three buttons on the hand held transmitter that allow you to send three different types of stimulation. The “Nick” button sends a single rapid pulse of stimulation. The “Constant” button delivers a continuous stream of stimulation for as long as the button is held down. If the “Constant” button is held down longer than 12 seconds, however, the device automatically shuts off. The “Pager” button sends a vibration without any stimulation. These features allow the operator some options in how he or she trains the pet in question.

The LED indicator lights found on both the transmitter and the receiver let you know when the system is ready, when a signal is being relayed, and the status of the battery’s charge. 

When you are ready to recharge the components, plug in the charger, remove the rubber stopper from the charging ports on each device and plug them into the charger.

The owner’s manual offers helpful suggestions for how to train your pet using the Dogtra IQ Plus.

Pros and Cons

One of the cons of this electronic trainer is that it only has a range of up to 400 yards which makes it a great trainer to use around the yard or park only. Obstacles such as trees and weather can decrease the effective range of the device by 50% or more so it’s not recommended if you have a large property or dogs that will need more room to run and play.

Nearly everything else about this electronic remote dog trainer is favorable:

  • Both the receiver collar and the hand held transmitter are water proof so you can use them under any conditions.
  • There are 100 levels of stimulation controlled by a thumb-wheel which allows you to find the most effective stimulation level for your pet(s) with only one hand.
  • Its light-weight design means that you can train dogs weighing as little as 10 pounds.
  •  This system has quick charge capabilities that allow it to be charged in as little as two hours. 
  • A two-hour charge can result in up to 6 hours of use.
  •  While the batteries are fully replaceable, you don’t need to remove them in order to recharge them. They can be charged inside their respective devices.
  • One of the best things about this system, though, is that it the remote comes with a toggle switch and can be expanded for two dogs with the purchase of an additional receiver-collar. So, if you have—or plan to get—another dog, then this is an ideal system to use.

We hope that this Dogtra IQ Plus review was helpful. The IQ Plus remote electric dog trainer is a top-quality dog training aid. Customers who have purchased it rave about how simple it is to use and how quickly they begin to see results. Many report that the results are long lasting and after an initial period of use, they find that they rarely have to correct their dogs. Clearly, the many positive reviews this product receives are well earned.

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