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A PetSafe bark control collar is a good choice for bark control. Dogs bark to communicate with us and with other dogs. Unfortunately, when dogs bark too much, it may disrupt your sleep or bother the neighbors. Using a bark collar will not stop barking, but it will limit unnecessary barking, which will be a relief for you and the neighborhood.
PetSafe anti-bark collar units use three different types of correction. Several models use mild electronic correction. When the dog barks, the bark control collar responds to vibration, or vibration and sound depending on the model, and emits a correction. The electronic stimulation provided by a Petsafe bark collar is not harmful. It is similar to the feeling you get when you slide your feet on carpet and then touch a door knob; it’s annoying but not physically harmful.

The PDBC-300 Deluxe Bark Collar uses Perfect Bark Detection, a patented technology that ensures proper correction. Your dog will never receive correction for another dog’s barking when it is wearing the PDBC-300 unit. Collars with Perfect Bark Detection, use both sound and vibration; the input is sent to a microprocessor for analysis. If the computer determines that the dog did not bark, the bark control collar will not emit a correction.

Because your PetSafe no bark unit only responds to your dog’s barking, you can leave your dog at a kennel or let it play with other dogs without fear of unnecessary correction. Most units can be worn both inside and outdoors.

Other units use citronella to distract a dog from barking. Using a citronella bark control collar causes absolutely no pain to your dog. A burst of strong citrus scent is emitted when your dog barks. Because your dog’s sense of smell is so acute, the citrus will really annoy it, and the dog will stop barking. A citronella collar is a good choice if you don’t want to provide an electric correction or if you know that your dog has a low threshold for pain. The citrus emitted from the collar isn’t dangerous for you, your pet, or your family.

One bark control collar uses ultrasonic tone to correct unnecessary barking. The UltraSonic Bark Collar emits a tone that only dogs and cats can hear. The UltraSonic unit doesn’t harm you pet in any way, but the tone is so loud that it distracts the dog from barking.

The UltraSonic Bark Collar is small and light-weight, perfect for small dogs. The receiver for the UltraSonic collar only weighs one ounce and measures 1.9 cubic inches. The UltraSonic Bark Collar snaps right onto the collar your dog wears every day.

When you buy a bark control collar, you will not have to spend time training your dog how to use it. Simply put the batteries in the collar and put the collar on your dog. Correction will begin as soon as your dog barks too much.

Your dog may not have to wear the control collar for long. When it realizes that barking causes correction from the unit, it will stop unnecessary barking. If you ever worry that you might have to give up your dog because of its excessive barking, you should think about buying a anti bark collar.

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