How to Stop a Dog Barking with an E Collar

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If you have a dog you have probably tried a lot of ways to stop dog barking. Maybe you’ve tried by yelling at your dog or tying it up where you can’t hear it. Unfortunately, neither one of these actions really helps.

If you want to effectively stop the barking behavior, you should try an electronic collar or ultrasonic transmitter. Both are great ways to stop barking behavior without your constant supervision.

The first step to this process is to understand why your dog is barking. Dogs bark because they want to communicate with us and with other dogs.

Why is My Dog Barking?

Before you begin to address your dog’s barking problem, you might want to consider why your dog has the problem to begin with. There are a number of reasons that dogs develop excessive barking issues.

  • Territorial barking is often displayed when a person, animal or vehicle enters an area that your dog views as his territory.
  • Fearful barking occurs when your dog feels threatened or is startled.
  • Since dogs are pack animals, when they are left alone for extended periods of time without stimulation, some dogs develop a habit of barking out of boredom.
  • Many dogs bark excessively when they are playing with other animals or their humans.
  • Some dogs bark to let their owners know what they want or need. While this can be a good thing if your dog continues to bark repeatedly until he gets what he wants it can become extremely frustrating.
  • There are some medical problems that can cause a dog to continuously bark. Has your dog checked out at your local veterinarian’s office if you think there might be an underlying medical issue that is causing the behavior?

Dogs get lonely or anxious or just want to get our attention. Sometimes, giving your lonely dog a toy is enough to keep the dog from barking because it offers a healthy distraction.

If your dog is always barking at squirrels in the front yard, keeping it in the back yard may be a good way to prevent barking.

How to Stop Excessive Barking

Once you have discovered the reasons your dog is barking too much, you can begin to take the proper steps in order to treat the problem. Keep in mind that teaching your dog to stop barking too often isn’t something that will happen overnight. With a little time, work and consistency, however, you can be enjoying some peace and quiet before you know it. Here are a few training tips to help you along your way.

  • Train your dog to understand the word “quiet”. When he begins barking, say “quiet” in a firm but not too loud voice, wait for him to stop, and then offer him a reward.
  • If you are having difficulty teaching your dog quiet, you might consider training him to “speak”, or bark on command first, and then introduce “quiet”. In order to teach your dog to “speak”, create a situation that will encourage him to bark and say “bark” in an excited voice. Repeat this process until he has a firm grasp of the command.
  • Try controlling your dog’s excessive barking by squirting him with a water bottle each time he barks.

Using a Bark Collar

An electronic bark collar is an effective way to stop the noise. The collar responds to the vibrations of the dog’s vocal cords when it barks. The collar emits a mild electronic correction that will prevent barking.

If the first correction doesn’t work, a more intense correction will be applied. The correction is given immediately, so your dog will not be confused about what behavior is causing the correction. This will stop the dog from barking unless it is absolutely necessary.

The electronic collar doesn’t really hurt a dog; it’s just an annoying correction that actually does prevent barking. If you want to stop the barking, but don’t want to cause it any discomfort, an electronic citrus collar is a good alternative. The citronella collar releases a burst of citrus scent when your dog barks. The strong scent distracts your dog and will keep your dog from making noise.

Using an Ultrasonic Transmitter

What if you want to stop the neighbor’s dog from barking? Or, some people want to prevent barking without putting a collar on their dog. You can train the dog with an ultrasonic transmitter. This method can be used in the house or outdoors. The transmitter emits an ultrasonic tone that we can’t hear but dogs can. This will help because the noise is very loud and annoying to dogs.

The ultrasonic transmitter will not work outside of a certain range. Each transmitter has a different range, so read product details to see which transmitter is right for your situation. Some transmitters are better suited to indoor use only; others can be used outside in all weather conditions.

There are many advantages to using electronic collars and ultrasonic transmitters. The collars are light-weight and unobtrusive; many collars are water-resistant or water-proof. They will function even if your dog is outside. Maintenance of these tools is as easy as recharging or replacing batteries. And, these barking collars don’t have to be worn permanently. Once a dog realises why it was corrected, it will stop barking even if it isn’t wearing the collar.

You do not want to stop barking entirely; barking is good in some circumstances. With electronic tools, you can train your dog to bark only when it’s necessary.

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