Remote Collar Transmitter Range Choices

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Range is a very important factor to consider when choosing a remote training collar. Whether you are simply conducting an obedience training session with one dog in your backyard or working with multiple hunting dogs in the field, the remote transmitter must remain within the proper distance from the dog’s receiver collar.

If the dog should happen to move out of the remote collar’s range, a lack of control and possibly an unsafe condition could occur. In order to keep a dog safe and under control at all times, it’s necessary to choose a remote collar system with an adequate range for your needs. This is equally true whether you are yard training, field training or hunting with your pet.

“Line-of-Sight” versus “True-Range”

When comparing the range of various electric training collars, keep in mind that the stated range is what can be expected under optimal conditions. The maximum stated range represents the “line-of-site” range, meaning that there aren’t any obstacles between the transmitter and the dog. There are a number of different factors that can negatively affect the range of a system, such as the weather, training conditions, brush and cover, or hills and valleys. In order to achieve this maximum range, nothing should be allowed to get between the remote transmitter unit and the dog’s receiver collar. Since optimal conditions are rare even in the backyard, it’s usually best to choose a system that offers a range that’s a bit larger than what you think you might ultimately need. Although remote training collars are rated and sold by their “line-of-sight” range, it’s the true-range that matters most once they are in use.

Range Variations Between Remote Collar Systems

There is quite a large difference in the ranges provided by remote collar systems. In the case of some of the least expensive models, the range may only be approximately 250 to 300 yards. These short-range collars are best used in the house, or for obedience training sessions in the yard. However, if there is a chance that the dog may wander past this distance, a remote training collar with a longer range would be the more prudent choice.

A shock training collar with a half-mile range is often a good choice for many pet owners. When used around the yard or the neighborhood park, a collar with a half-mile range provides good control, while also providing the dog with enough space to play and run when appropriate. In the average backyard, a half-mile range will provide an adequate amount of control, even if the terrain is not optimal and there are some obstructions to deal with. A collar system with this range is also generally adequate for off leash training sessions, play sessions or to teach basic obedience commands.

However, in the case of a hunting dog or other kinds of working dog situations, a mile range is usually more appropriate. In fact, there are even collars available that provide a 7 mile range under optimal conditions. These longer ranged training collar systems can be quite handy for hounds and other hunting dogs.

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