Remote Training Collar Battery Choices

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Batteries are an important part of any electronic training collar system. Many collar styles are fully rechargeable, utilizing rechargeable batteries in the receiver as well as the transmitter.

However, there are also systems that use a combination of rechargeable and replaceable disposable batteries. Some systems only use disposable batteries.

This guide will help you decide which training collar batteries you need.

Disposable Battery Collars

In the case of systems that use disposable batteries, 9-volt alkaline batteries are quite common. These batteries generally perform quite well and can be quite long-lasting when used in a battery-operated remote collar.

During normal training use, these training collar batteries frequently last between 6 months and a year. When the battery level gets too low, it can simply be replaced with any standard 9-volt battery.

Since these batteries are relatively cheap and easy to find, they can provide a dependable and long-lasting source of power for a battery-operated remote collar.

Rechargeable Battery Collars

In the case of a rechargeable training collar, many systems utilize NiMh rechargeable batteries. These batteries are easy to find and use, and are designed to provide a long charge life.

Fortunately, Nimh batteries are not bothered by the “memory” problems that plagued some of the older rechargeable battery types. Lithium ION batteries are also used in several of the newer training collar systems.

Today’s rechargeable batteries are quite dependable and long-lasting. In many cases, a single battery charge can provide up to 70 or even 120 hours of service under normal conditions. This is a great improvement over the battery life of older style NiCad batteries from the past, which frequently only provides 8 to 10 hours of collar use.

Battery Replacement

Although the use of rechargeable training collar batteries will eliminate the need to continually buy additional disposable batteries, over time even a rechargeable battery will need to be replaced.

In order to get the longest life from a rechargeable battery, the manufacturer’s recommendations should be always be followed closely when charging the batteries.

In most cases, a battery that is continually used and charged will last longer than one that is simply stored on a shelf. Even during times when the electronic training collar isn’t being used on a regular basis, the battery should still be charged every month or two to help maintain its long life.

Battery Issues to Consider

When choosing an electronic training collar, it’s important to be aware of its battery usage. The amount of time the collar will operate after being fully charged, the length of time it takes to charge the batteries, the ease of battery replacement, and the method by which the collar indicates a low battery charge are important factors to consider.

Rechargeable training collar batteries and their accompanying charging systems have come a long way over the years. Today, most electronic collar manufacturers utilize rapid charging systems.

When this kind of system is used, it generally only takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge a rechargeable battery. Once the battery has been fully charged, it’s reasonable to expect 100 hours or more of service from the battery under normal conditions before it will need to be charged again.

However, some collars on the market today still use standard charging systems. If this is the case, it will generally take approximately 12 to 14 hours to fully charge the batteries. After they have been fully charged, it’s reasonable to expect between 45 and 75 hours of service, depending on the actual unit being used and the type of use.

When choosing a battery-operated remote collar, it’s also helpful to take a look at the battery compartment. In some cases, batteries are self-contained in their own waterproof casing. This makes it especially easy to replace the batteries when needed, without worrying about damaging the collar’s own waterproofing system.

In most cases, when a rechargeable battery wears out it can easily be replaced. With some collars, this simply involves buying a new rechargeable battery and replacing it at home.

However, some collar manufacturers require the worn battery to be sent back to the company in order to receive a replacement. In the case of some collars, the rechargeable batteries are not replaceable, and the collar must be replaced when the battery wears out. This is yet another reason why it is important to understand a unit’s battery system before making a collar system purchase.

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