Shock Collar Static Correction Choices

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When choosing an electronic dog training collar, a variety of static correction choices that are available. Shock collars are designed to administer static corrections, but some systems provide a wider array of correction levels within the high-low range than others. One electric dog collar might only provide two levels, but another might offer over a hundred.

Understanding Static Correction Levels

It’s important to remember that the difference between levels will be quite pronounced on systems that only offer a few choices. On the other hand, an electronic dog training collar that provides numerous static correction ranges will allow for a more gradual increase in correction strength. Dog training experts generally recommend choosing the lowest static correct level that a dog will respond to. If the dog vocalizes or reacts too strongly, that is a sign that the correction is set too high. In this case, it would be necessary to lower the correction level until the dog responds to the correction without showing signs of being over-stimulated. This is one reason why an electric dog collar that offers numerous correction levels can be the best choice, and why these higher-end collars often receive the best reviews by experts and pet owners.

Although one electric dog collar may have more correction levels than another, this does not necessarily mean that the collar that is adjustable between level 1 and level 100 is any stronger at the highest setting than a collar that has only a few levels. Some people mistakenly think that if they have a particularly stubborn dog, a collar that can be adjusted up to level 100 will be more effective than a collar that only goes up to level 2. Regardless of how many correction levels the collar provides, the intensity of the static correction at the highest setting is usually quite similar with all electronic shock collars. In some cases, a very sensitive dog might vocalize at even the lowest setting of an electric shock collar. If this is the case, a vibration-only, ultrasonic or remote spray collar might be the better choice.

Choosing a Non-Static Training Collar

Although the static correction that is generated by these collars is safe for most dogs, there are some situations where a non-static collar could be the better choice. When purchasing a electric dog collar, it’s important to pay attention to the minimum dog body weight recommended by the manufacturer. In the case of very small toy breeds or lap dogs, sometimes a non-static variety of collar is the best and safest choice. As long as the dog’s weight falls within the recommended range, an electric dog collar can be a quick, easy, effective and safe way to train almost any dog.

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