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Ultrasonic dog training collars and training devices are a great choice for sensitive pets. Although they can be quite effective when used with any dog, they are a particular good choice for the tiny dog that might be too small for other kinds of electronic collars or correction systems.

They can also work extremely well for the senior pet, or a dog that is easily startled or which has a milder temperament. Ultrasonic dog trainers are completely safe to use, since they use a harmless ultrasonic tone to reward or correct the dog.

Ultrasonic Basics

Ultrasonic dog training system work on the basic principle of using negative and positive tones to change or reinforce a dog’s behavior. Many of these systems do not even require a special collar to be worn by the dog, since the trainer works exclusively through the use of a hand-held transmitter unit. Because they are completely safe for both humans and pets, they can be used indoors as well as outdoors. These devices are designed to take advantage of the fact that dogs have a wider range of hearing than do humans. The negative tone emitted by these devices is beyond the audible hearing range of humans. However, dogs can easily hear and respond to the tone. The tone is designed to be startling to a dog, making it more effective than firm voice commands or yelling.

It’s important to note that the effective range of these units is usually only around 30 feet. Because of this limited range, these training devices can be especially useful for close range training. The positive tone can easily be used to reinforce basic commands such as “sit,” “down,” or “come.” The negative tone can also be used to discourage undesirable indoor behavior such as chewing, jumping up on furniture, eating items that are not permitted, or bothering other pets. These units can also be used as a communicative device, eliminating the need to verbally call for your dog when inside the house.

Indoor Use

These trainers can be a particularly good choice for indoor use, because in most cases the negative tone emitted by these devices is not audible to humans. Since only the dog can hear the negative tone, ultrasonic training systems are great for use in apartments or other indoor environments where the sound of audible training signals would not be desired. The fact that the humans cannot hear the negative tone is also a great outdoor feature, since neighbors or others who may be nearby will not be disturbed. However, since other dogs can hear the negative tone, training sessions should take place at least 30 feet from other pets.

Outdoor Use

Outdoors, these ultrasonic training devices can be quite effective for close range training. They can also be used to correct and discourage undesirable or potentially dangerous behaviors such as chasing cars, ignoring commands, digging, and chewing. When using the device to discourage negative behavior, only the negative tone should be used. Verbalization with your pet should only take place when he or she is behaving properly.

Ease of Use

Ultrasonic dog training collars are extremely easy to use. In most cases, only a hand held remote unit is needed. To use the device, simply point the remote at the pet and push the button for either the positive or negative tone. As with all training devices, it’s important to use the positive or negative tone at the exact moment that the dog is exhibiting the desired or undesired behavior, so that he or she will be able to mentally connect his or her actions with the consequences. It’s also important to use the device consistently, which will make it easier for your dog to learn. It’s usually more effective to work on teaching one obedience command or eliminating one undesirable behavior at a time, in order to avoid overwhelming and confusing your pet.

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