An Overview Of The Underground Dog Fence

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There are many ways to keep a pet dog restricted within its boundaries and one of those ways is an underground dog fence. By utilising this type of electric dog fence, a dog owner can have a great way to keep the dog in the yard without damaging the appearance of the home.

Also, unlike a chain link or wooden fence, the owner can set it up in any pattern they desire and no one but themselves and the dog will know about it.

The dog owner is capable of keeping the dog away from the swimming pool or wrecking the vegetable gardens. Additionally, there is the Innotek IUC-5100 Contain N Train that comes with a remote control for training purposes and breaking bad habits such as jumping up, digging, destructive chewing, ect. This pet containment system a 3 in 1 system that comes with indoor deterrent capabilities (Innotek ZND-Zones) to keep your dog(s) out of specified rooms inside your house.

Some dog owners merely chain their dogs up. The problem with that is that it greatly restricts the dog’s mobility and it can be equally unhealthy and psychologically harmful to the dog. If the dog is able to run and walk around the property, he will be much happier and will make his life better.

In the past, the only way an owner could keep their dog contained and also give them freedom was to construct a traditional style fence on the property. However, besides ruining how the property looks and obstructing views, it is quite costly and involves quite a lot of upkeep. If the owner utilises the underground dog fence, the dog cannot dig under the fence or jump over it either. The device can be used for more than one dog as long as each one has his own electric dog fence collar.

The underground dog fence doesn’t cost very much and doesn’t entail much as far as building materials. All they need is a thin border wire to be put on the property that is simply concealed in the dirt only a couple inches into the ground. That way it is invisible to the pet owner and the neighbours but keeps the wire safe and out of sight so it can’t be interfered with. If you do have an existing fence the wire pet containment system can simply be tacked to the bottom of a wood fence or weaved through the bottom of a chain-link fence which will save you the work of burying it.

Another advantage is that you can mow over the underground fence instead of around a traditional style fence. You wont have to worry about painting like you would a wooden fence. About all the maintenance required is either recharging the batteries or buying new ones.

An electric dog fence works by electronically connecting the wire that is buried and the electronic collar the dog wears via a radio signal. As the dog walks near where the boundary is, the collar gives off a caution sound or vibration depending on the brand of fence. This sound / vibration alerts the dog that he is getting to close to the boundary. If the dog keeps moving toward the boundary, the dog will receive a mild static correction. Some electric dog fences have a progressive correction and the intensity will increase as the dog moves even closer to the boundary. Other eFences have a correction level setting on the collar itself. As time goes one, the sound / vibration warning feature by itself will prevent the dog from getting too close to the perimeter of the yard. Soon your dog will learn its boundaries and will no longer need to receive any corrections.

There are some pet owners that are worried about the static corrections, but be assured that these are only “static” corrections and are very mild and will not hurt the dog. The corrections are like when you slide your feet on the carpet and then touch something. The correction is irritating, but not hurtful.

It will take about two weeks to train the dog to use the underground dog fence and all electric dog fences come with printed directives and even include a DVD. After the dog is trained, the dog can walk and run around in the backyard anywhere he wants and the pet owner will feel confident that the dog is safe, happy, and secure.

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