DIY Electric Dog Fence Vs Professional Install

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Since first being developed and introduced to the pet market in 1973, dog owners worldwide have found electric dog fences to be a great aid in providing proper care and safety for mans best friend.

An DIY (Do It Yourself) electronic dog fence is not actually a “fence” at all but, rather, a less expensive, more aesthetically appealing alternative to a conventional fence that’s more precisely called an “electronic pet containment system.”

These invisible dog fences provide numerous benefits to both pet and owner alike.

At K9electronics, we’re big dog lovers just like our customers are. We know the value of a high-quality invisible electric dog fence and offer only top-of-the-line systems here on the website.

With an estimated nine out of ten veterinarians recommending the use of electric dog fences, many being users themselves, there is no question that these pet containment systems have become an extremely popular way for dog owners to allow their pet(s) the freedom to play, run and get plenty of exercise without the need for constant supervision.

Benefits and Installation Costs

Two of the most important benefits include:

  • Safety

    – statistics show that nearly one million dogs are hit by cars each year and that another 60,000 are either stolen or lost. A quality pet containment system will keep your dog safely in your yard where he or she belongs.

  • Health

    – according to the experts, regular exercise is important for a dog and can add approximately 10 percent to their life expectancy. It’s recommended that dogs be taken out for a walk at least 6-8 times a day, although few owners have either the time or the inclination to follow this kind of schedule.

Here are five good reasons to choose a DIY invisible dog fence:

  1. If you’ve done your homework you already know a professionally-installed wired system costs as much as $1500-$4000. Do-it-yourself systems cost a fraction of that amount, with smaller units such as the Innotek SD-2000, an in-ground, radio-controlled system with a 1/3-acre coverage area (expandable to 25-acres) selling for less than $100.
  2. Installation is quick and easy, with an average job only taking from 5-6 hours. This, of course, is dependent on the size area you’ll be covering.
  3. DIY electric dog fence receiver-collars typically use rechargeable or store-bought batteries, while professionally-installed systems will generally require proprietary batteries that are much more expensive to purchase.
  4. If you suffer a wire-break or other maintenance issue you should be able to easily locate and fix it yourself with our wire break locator kit for $65.99 rather than having to pay for a technician to come in.
  5. All our DIY electronic dog fence systems come with comprehensive installation and training instructions. In addition, all the top manufactures that we carry offer free, professional installation and training support via their toll free number listed in your product manual.

What Type of Electronic Dog Fence is Best

With an estimated 5,000,000+ dog fences currently in use, these systems give pets and their owners the freedom they want without the high cost of installing conventional fencing to keep dogs safely contained within a specific area.

Options for different types of systems are numerous and are available in both wired, in-ground and portable, wireless systems, with coverage ranges extending from ¼ acre to as much as 100 acres. There are even GPS guided wireless systems for larger dogs (30 pounds or more) with a range of up to one mile.

DIY is the Way to Go

At one time, only professionally-installed electric dog fence systems were available but today do-it-yourself installation is a snap that just about anyone who can handle a shovel and a screwdriver can do the job.

Portable, wireless systems are even easier, since no digging or trenching is required.

As with all our electric dog fence products, k9 Electronics offers free professional before and after sale support via our toll free number, live chat or email, plus with our 110% Lowest Price Guarantee (10 days after the sale) it’s not possible to find a lower price anywhere. We guarantee that your dog will be safely contained in less than 30 days or your money back.

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