Electric Dog Fence Buyers Guide

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When you are tired of worrying every time you put your dog in the yard, and do not want the expense of building a traditional fence, you’ll find an electric dog fence is the answer to your problem. You’ll soon have the peace of mind you deserve with one of these invisible barriers, allowing your dog to safely run and play in the yard, all without costing thousands of dollars.

In-ground dog fencing won’t obstruct your view, cannot be jumped over, dug under, or chewed through by your small or large dog. If you are a renter, you may want to consider a wireless dog fence which is portable, saving you money when it is time for your next move. With easy layout instructions, an electric dog fence is a safe and effective training devices which will quickly be put to work for you and your canine friend. An electric dog fence can be used to contain your dog within a specific boundary or to keep your pet out of areas, such as a pool or garden or even rooms inside your house.

The first question to ask yourself when reviewing an electric dog fence is how large of an area you’ll be needing to ‘fence’ in. Then you’ll need to decide if a wired design or wireless system is better to create an invisible barrier for your property. If the area you wish to contain is a large one, then a wired unit will be needed. A basic model will cover about half an acre, and larger units can cover up to 200 acres or more. A wireless unit will have a more limited capacity, but does not require that you bury a wire around the perimeter of the area in which you wish to train and contain your dog. Both wired and wireless electronic dog fences are a very easy and reliable way to teach your dog to stay within a set space.

When you’re ready to put your wired electric dog fence to work, a wireless inground fence unit requires that a small 1″ to 2″ wire be buried around the chosen perimeter of the area where your little or big dog is to be confined. The installation for a wired electronic containment dog fence is technically quite easy, especially if you rent a trencher to dig the trenches and cover the wire for larger properties. Place the light weight training system collar on your canine friend and begin teaching the dog about his new boundaries. The electric wire broadcasts a weak radio field which causes a tone to sound to train and contain your dog in its new area. If the dog continues to get close to the invisible underground containment, a mild electric shock will follow. This is similar to a “walk across the carpet” shock, and will not harm your canine. One might also wish to use flags so the dog has a visual association for his new boundaries. In a short time, the electric dog fence will train your friend to respect its new area, where he is free to play without causing stress to you or your neighbors.

Wireless dog fence units have a multi-stage system which gets your dog’s attention first with a warning tone, then a mild static correction is made, and finally the maximum level of intensity is used, which is still safe and will not harm your dog. The last level of this escalating correction system for your dog can be varied by three increased levels, so you can match the needs to teach your dog not to run away, jump, dig and other undesired behaviors dependent upon the canine’s temperament. The perimeters one can contain their pet in can be predetermined between 15 to 90 feet with a wireless unit. If your dog does bust through the invisible barrier, you can increase the vibration correction level to a strength which will work. These wireless units are also portable, so you can take it with you if a relocation occurs.

Another feature of electric dog fences one may wish to consider is the battery type required for the dog collar. Most basic models require replaceable batteries, while others use rechargeable batteries. Over time, rechargeable batteries will save you money. However, it does take a few hours to recharge most rechargeable batteries, so if your dog spends a great deal of time outdoors, you may want to keep an extra collar charging while the first one is being used.

Sometimes it isn’t in the outdoors that we wish to restrict our canine’s wanderings, but within our home, where an electronic indoor radio fence can be very helpful. Train and contain your furry friend to limit their indoor activities within the home with a simple and reliable radio fence. Place the collar on your canine and put the transmitter in the area you wish to contain. The area you can restrict your pet is adjustable from a 2 feet to 20 feet radius. These can be used to limit your dog’s access to a small, select part of the house or a larger area. If the dog nears the restricted area, a mild correction will be given until they leave the perimeter. These electronic indoor radio fence systems can accommodate multiple dogs simply by buying additional receivers collars.

Electronic pet containment systems are the financially affordable, easy and effective way to give you the security you need to both train your dog and keep your furry friend safe. Soon your dog will be free to run and play within the area you’ve designated for him. No longer will you have to worry if your dog is chasing, digging, jumping and misbehaving, being a nuisance to others and a hazard to himself. The invisible barrier will quickly train your dog to respect his new boundaries, allowing you both the freedom you desire. Review the full line of quality electric dog fences and you’re sure to find the best containment system you can buy for your dog.

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