Keep Your Dog Safe With An Electric Dog Fence

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All of us love our pets as if they are a member of our family. Part of taking care of your dog involves keeping them safe. No good thing happens to dogs who are allowed to roam freely about communities and towns. If your dog is escaping from your yard and digging under or jumping over your existing traditional fence, an electric dog fence is the solution for you.

Either they will be run over by a car, lost, or caught by the local animal control services. It is the owners responsibility to keep them within certain boundaries. An electric dog fence is an affordable and easy way to do just that.

So you want to keep your dog outside, at least part of the time, but you cannot afford to put up a fence. Or perhaps you want people to see that you have a dog so that you will have more privacy. Whatever your reasons, you should consider the electric dog fence. These come in different varieties.

K9 Electronics carries all the top brands of electric dog fence. We carry the wireless dog fence that creates a circular barrier around your house, or in-ground dog fences that can be specifically customized to your specific yard. Consider your yard and the boundary that you would like to keep your dog within to make the appropriate selection.

These fences are easy to find, easy to set up and maintain, and are quite affordable, too. However, it will take a little more effort on your part to teach your dog about them. Many consider this the most difficult part about having an electric fence. However, with a little patience and a few minutes of training each day, soon your dog will understand all about that magical wall.

Many make use of flags that are set at the specific boundary where the electric fence is in place. These flags will help guide the dog in training so that he learns exactly how far he can go without being shocked. Many use the flags for a while and then will introduce the electric collar.

Many of the electric dog fence collars have a certain beep that you can sound off when the dog gets too close to the boundaries. This is a great feature to be able to implement for a few days of the training. When you begin the electric dog fence training, make sure that you do have the signal set to its lowest setting, especially in the beginning. If you have an especially curious or stubborn pet, you may have to turn it up a bit, but at least start very low.

In general, if one takes the time to do this training gradually, a dog will only need to receive the correction from the electric dog fence collar once or twice to get the picture. Be sure to use a lot of distractions in your training so that the dog realizes that he has to be constantly aware of that fence, no matter what is going on outside of its boundaries.

Keep in mind that you need to establish a routine for leaving the electric dog fence boundary so that your dog will not become confused. If you take your pet on daily walks, for instance, you should make a specific routine that involves leaving the fenced area so the dog will understand what is going on. This may mean always going to a specific spot and using a certain command when you are leaving, or it may be better if you drive the dog out or carry him.

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