Should I Get An Invisible Fence For My Dog?

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Why invest in the outrageous expense of an unsightly physical fence in order to help keep your dog contained when there is a much more affordable solution available? An invisible fence is an excellent choice for dog owners who are searching for a humane way to keep their dog contained without spending the thousands of dollars and hours of strenuous labor that is required in order to install a traditional fence.

While there have been claims that the use of an invisible fence can be harmful to pets, this simply is not true. The use of this fence is actually quite humane, safe, and is often recommended by dog training experts and veterinarians. How do you know if an wireless fence is right for you?

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Benefits of an Invisible Dog Fence

  • An Inexpensive Solution:

    Traditional wooden, vinyl or metal fencing can be extremely expensive, with prices ranging anywhere from about $8.00 per foot to more than $25.00 per foot. Invisible fences can be purchased for under $100.00. Even the more expensive ones are typically priced below $300.00, which is still much more affordable than a traditional fence.

  • Effective:

    It is fairly common for dog owners who install traditional fencing to discover the escape artist in their pet soon afterward. Many dogs climb or jump over traditional fences, dig under them, or even destroy them. Since, with the proper training and equipment, your pet can not escape from the boundaries of an invisible fence, you can rest assured that your dog, and your landscaping, is protected from harm.

  • Inconspicuous:

    In some areas, zoning regulations and homeowner’s associations prevent the installation of certain types of traditional fences. Additionally, many people enjoy the feeling of having an open yard and would rather not impede their view. An invisible fence is the perfect solution in these types of situations.

  • Versatile:

    You simply won’t beat the versatility of a wireless fence. You can take the fence with you when you visit friends or relatives or even when you go on vacation, the range of it can be modified to fit your desired boundaries, and some units can be used both indoors and outdoors as well.

  • Easy to Install:

    The installation of a traditional fence can be extremely difficult and time consuming, not to mention the added expense of pole diggers, come-alongs and other equipment. If you choose to have a traditional fence professionally installed instead, the price can be outrageous. A wireless invisible fence system can be installed without much (if any) labor at all, and you won’t need any special tools.

  • Training is Simple:

    In order for an invisible fence to be effective, you and your dog must go through the proper training procedures. While this can sound intimidating, the process is actually very simple, and typically takes approximately 15 minutes a couple of times per day, and lasts for a couple of weeks. Additionally, it is important that you remember that very young puppies (less than six months old) and dogs who are pregnant should not be trained on an electric fence, and dogs who weigh less than 10 pounds should only be trained on an invisible fence system that is designed for smaller dogs.

K9electronics carries a full selection of high quality electronic fences for both large and small dogs, and our 30 day, 110% lowest price protection guarantee insures that you will always pay less when you purchase from us.

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