If you’re looking for a high-quality training collar that offers plenty of advanced features, the Dogtra 1900NCP Field Star could be the perfect choice. As this Dogtra 1900 NCP training collar review will show, this collar works well for a wide variety of dogs and training situations, regardless of whether you have a mild-mannered or a stubborn dog.

This top-rated collar is perfect for the pet owner or trainer who wants an easy to use entry level dog training system that still provides the kind of features that you’d find on more advanced models. If you’re looking for a durable, affordable and full-featured training collar system, read on to explore the Dogtra 1900NCP pros and cons.

How to Choose the Best Dog Training Collar (2014)

Features and Benefits

The Dogtra 1900NCP Field Star dog training collar includes many attractive features:

  • Convenient rheostat dial makes it easy to gradually increase the intensity of the electronic corrections until you reach the level that is right for your dog.
  • With up to 127 stimulation levels, this collar provides a full range of low to high power.
  • Ni-MH batteries are rechargeable and owner-replaceable.
  • Both the receiver collar and the transmitter unit are fully waterproof.
  • Suitable for dogs that weigh 20 pounds and up, including very large dogs.
  • Although this collar system is designed for a single dog, the Dogtra 1902 NCP can be used for two dogs.


Here are just a few of the many pros to choosing this collar, as itemized in our Dogtra 1900 NCP training collar review:

  • 1/2-mile range is perfect for most training situations.
  • Charger and splitter cable are included, so you can charge all collar components simultaneously.
  • Blue LCD screen is easy to read, even in low light conditions. This makes it simple to keep tabs on your battery level, as well as monitor the current correction level.
  • 3-bar battery life indicator is included on both the receiver and the transmitter.
  • Full range of electronic correction options, including “Constant” stimulation, “Nick” stimulation, and non-electronic “Vibration Only” pager mode.
  • The perfect choice for pet obedience training or sport dog training.


In reviewing the Dogtra 1900NCP pros and cons,there are also a few cons that buyers should be aware of:

  • This collar cannot be used on dogs that weigh less than 20 pounds.
  • 1/2-mile range may not be suitable for long-range training needs
  • This is a low to high power training collar for larger, more stubborn breed dogs. If your dog is a smaller to medium size dog or just more on the sensitive side, check out the Dogtra 280NCP Platinum instead.


This training collar system is a great choice for either at-home obedience training or more advanced sporting dog training sessions in the field. Its durability combined with its many convenient features makes it a favorite with owners and trainers alike. Because it features corrections ranging from the low to high level, it’s the perfect collar for both the mild-mannered and the more stubborn dog. After reviewing the Dogtra 1900NCP pros and cons, you may have already decided that this collar is right for you. If you want the convenience of an entry-level training collar combined with the other advanced features described in this Dogtra 1900 NCP training collar review, you’ll find the best price on this popular training system right here.