Dogtra 7100H SureStim Electric Dog Collar Review

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If you’re looking for a high-quality and full-featured training collar for large dogs or stubborn dogs, the Dogtra 7100H SureStim could be the perfect choice. Among the other features covered in this Dogtra 7100H SureStim electric dog collar review, this collar uses the newest technology to let you know if your dog is in range and receiving the correction stimulation.

This can be an especially handy feature when training sporting dogs in the field. This training collar system is designed to provide low to high power correction stimulations, making it an effective choice for even the largest or most stubborn dog. If your dog needs a bit more than what the average training collar can provide, this Dogtra SureStim 7100H shock collar review will give you the information you’ve been looking for.

Features and Benefits

The Dogtra SureStim 7100H provides many high end features and benefits, including:

  • Provides low to high power range, making it the perfect choice for mild-tempered dogs, stubborn dogs and every dog temperament in between.
  • Rheostat dial lets you select the exact stimulation level you need in a smooth and gradual fashion, without the large jumps between levels that plague some collars.
  • Stimulations levels range from 0 to 127, providing plenty of training flexibility and versatility.
  • Designed for dogs that weigh 20 pounds or more.
  • Easy to read LCD screen allows you to conveniently view the current stimulation level even in very low light conditions.
  • Keep a close watch on battery power by using the 3-bar battery life indicator.
  • Both the transmitter and receiver collar are waterproof.
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries are owner-replaceable and long lasting.
  • If you need to conserve battery power when using this collar system, it’s possible to temporarily disable the Sure Stim feedback system.


The Dogtra 7100 H has plenty of popular features that are appreciated by dog owners and trainers alike:

  • Collar system offers constant stimulation, nick stimulation and non-electronic pager vibration modes.
  • 1-inch strap is sturdy, durable and comfortable for larger dogs.
  • The ergonomically designed transmitter is comfortable to hold and control.
  • By using the one-charger system, the receiver and transmitter can be recharged simultaneously.
  • 1/2-mile range is perfect for most training scenarios.


Although this collar offers numerous “pros” for dog owners and trainers, this Dogtra 7100H SureStim Electric Dog Collar review also points out a few “cons” that buyers should be aware of:

  • The 1/2-mile range may not be sufficient for all training needs, especially in the case of long-range sporting dog training. However, the SureStim feedback system will help make it easy for you to determine if your dog stays within the system’s range.
  • This training collar utilizes safe and effective electronic stimulations, which not all dog owners or trainers like to use. However, this collar also features a non-electric vibration pager mode that can be used in lieu of electronic corrections if desired.
  • If the features outlined in this Dogtra SureStim 7100H shock collar review sound great but you have a dog that is more on the sensitive side, check out the Dogtra SureStim 7000M collar instead.


If you have a larger or more stubborn dog, the features and benefits outlined in this Dogtra 7100H SureStim electric dog collar review may be just what you need for an effective training program. Many dog owners and trainers find that the SureStim feedback system can be a huge boon to the training process. If reading this Dogtra SureStim 7100H shock collar review has convinced you that this is the perfect training system for you and your dog, you can find the best prices right here.

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