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If it seems like your dog has taken charge of your home, a Dogtra training collar can help put you back into your rightful place as the leader of the pack and we hope the Dogtra training collar reviews will help you select the right Dogtra collar for you and your dog. Dogtra makes a wide variety of dog training collars, each designed to meet a particular need.

Dogtra e-collars feature a patented Exact-stim control system, providing you with the ability to choose just the right correction stimulation level for your dog. If you’ve been frustrated in the past by the large jumps between stimulation levels that many collars give you, you’ll be quite pleased with the amount of control a Dogtra e-collar provides.

If you are currently considering an electronic training collar for your dog, our Dogtra collar reviews that follow will provide you with the information you need to choose the best Dogtra shock collar to suit the needs of both you and your dog. Whether you are looking for a specific model or you’re interested in Dogtra best price dog electric collars, these Dogtra e collar reviews will help you make the right choice.

Features and Advantages of Dogtra E-Collars

Dogtra training collars feature many advantages that help set them apart from the competition:

Multiple Stimulation Options

  • Patented Exact-stim system lets you choose between different stimulation levels without the level jumps experienced with many other collars. “Nick” stimulation can be used to capture a dog’s attention quickly. “Constant” stimulation can be used for a particularly stubborn dog or during demanding training sessions. The non-stimulating “Pager” mode can be used for those times when a simple vibration is all that’s needed to get your dog’s attention focused.
  • Low/medium output collars are available for dogs that have a milder disposition. There are also low/high output collars available for demanding training scenarios or the dog that is a bit more stubborn.

Versatility and Ease of Use

  • The low/medium output units can be used with dogs that weigh 10 pounds or more. The low/high units can be used with dogs weighing 20 pounds and upwards.
  • Wide variety of collar ranges to suit every training need: 400 yards, 1/2 mile, 3/4 mile and 1 mile
  • In the case of most Dogtra e-collars, both the collar and the handheld transmitter are waterproof.
  • LCD screen is featured on most models, allowing you to easily choose the exact stimulation level.
  • Fast battery charging: 10 hrs. for Ni-MH batteries, 2 hrs. rapid charge for Lithium batteries.

Pros of Choosing a Dogtra E-Collar

There are many advantages to choosing a Dogtra e-collar:

  • Fully adjustable Exact-stim system makes it easy to choose the perfect correction stimulation level for your dog.
  • Waterproof collar systems mean you can train your pet regardless of weather conditions.
  • Vibration “Pager” mode is useful for dog owners who don’t wish to use electronic correction stimulations.
  • E-collar models are available in a variety of different transmission ranges, allowing for many different training scenarios.

Cons of Choosing a Dogtra E-Collar

There are also a few cons that customers should be aware of:

  • Cannot be used for dogs that weigh less than 10 pounds.
  • Collars feature a shock mode, which some pet owners object to. However, the shock mode does not have to be used.
  • Single dog units cannot be converted to a multiple dog unit.

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