DT Systems H2O 1850 Beeper Collar Review

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As you’ll learn from reading this DT Systems H2O 1850 beeper collar review, this model has a lot to offer dog trainers and owners alike. In fact, this collar system is tough and durable enough to handle almost any training situation.

Designed for medium breeds to extra large breed dogs, this electric dog training systemis perfect for field training, basic obedience training, or any other training need. You’ll find that this collar system will make it easy to effectively train hunting dogs, thanks to it’s many advanced features such as the beeper modes. Plus, if you have more than one dog that you’d like to train simultaneously, this collar system is expandable to multi-dog with H2O 1852. If you’d like to learn more about this advanced training collar system, this DT training system review will provide you with everything you need to know.

Features and Benefits

As you’ll discover from reading this DT Systems H2O 1850 beeper collar review, this model offers a lot of great features and benefits:

  • Provides 3 beeper modes (locate, run/point and point) to support all your training needs.
  • MAXX Range antenna system is woven into the collar strap, minimizing the chance that the collar will become snagged on brush in the field. The MAXX Range system also utilizes a digital micro-processing chip, which allows it to use stronger, clearer signals.
  • Uses rechargeable Ni-MH batteries.
  • Lightweight, durable collar is comfortable for dogs to wear.
  • Provides 16 levels of stimulation, allowing for plenty of versatility while training your dog.
  • You can train your dog in all weather conditions, because both the collar and the transmitter are waterproof.
  • Features the “Gentle Touch Stimulation” system, allowing the collar to be pre-programmed to low correction levels.


This DT Systems H2O 1850 dog collar review has identified numerous “pros” for dog owners and trainers, including:

  • 1-mile (1,800 yard) range works well for training sport dogs in the field.
  • Provides a full range of electronic corrections, including both momentary “nick” stimulation mode and continuous stimulation mode.
  • Built-in shut off feature provides added safety when continuous stimulation mode is being used.
  • Expandable to accommodate training two dogs simultaneously by using the H2O 1852 model.
  • Digital technology provides plenty of dependable power.
  • Transmitter is lightweight, easy to use, and comfortable to hold.
  • Collar is designed to fit up to a 23-inch neck size, making it a good choice for larger dogs.


There are also a few “cons” that buyers should be aware of:

  • Although the electronic corrections provided by this collar system are completely safe for dogs, some dog owners and trainers object to using them.
  • The 16 levels of electronic correction are suitable for most dogs. However, some especially difficult to train or stubborn dogs may need even higher electronic correction levels.
  • This collar system is not designed for small dogs. If you need a smaller collar system, the DT Systems Micro-iDT Plus would be a good choice.


If you’ve been looking for a reliable electronic training collar system that will work for a variety of training needs, the DT Systems H2O beeper collar would be a great choice. As you’ve learned from reading this DT Systems H2O 1850 beeper collar review, this technologically advanced system is designed to perform in the field, your backyard, or anywhere else in between.

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