E-collar Technologies is definitely the master in the remote dog training collar industry, and with a collar like the Educator ET-300TS Mini in the line-up, it’s no wonder they are consistently rated as one of the leading remote dog trainer manufacturers in the world. This is an electric dog training system that is packed with an abundance of impressive features that you simply won’t find with competitors’ brands. Manufactured and tested in the USA, this 5 star rated collar is an excellent choice for dog owners who want to teach obedience, solve behavioral issues or just give their dog more freedom when walking off leash.

The Educator Mini Collar is Packed with Features

The ET-300TS (a former Einstein collar) offers a wide variety of features, making it one of the most versatile training systems on the market.

  • Light-Weight Design:

    One of the best features about this Educator miniature collar is the light-weight design. Weighing just 2.4 oz., this collar / receiver is the smallest on the market and perfect training solution for dogs as small as 5 pounds, but don’t be fooled by the size, it can be used for larger breeds with normal temperaments as well.

  • Adjustable Collar Strap:

    The fully adjustable collar strap is made from durable Biothane™, and at only ¾ in. wide, it can be adjusted to fit dogs with neck sizes anywhere from 3 in. to 29 in.

  • COS (control of stimulation):

    Innovation introduces itself with the advanced COS (control of stimulation) feature. The COS feature provides dog owners with the ability to select the specific level of static correction that is best for their dogs. The ET-300TS Mini collar is safe and effective for all dogs with normal temperaments, and offers 100 different levels of static correction so that you can truly “fine tune” the level of stimulation that is perfect for your pet. Many other brands merely offer settings in levels of 5, 10, 15, 20 etc., with big jumps between stimulation levels.

  • Exclusive “Lock and Set” Feature:

    The “Lock and Set” feature, which is quite possibly my favorite safety feature of this collar, is exclusive to Educator brand collars. It enables the dog owner to set the level of stimulation that is best suited to his pet, and lock it in place in order to prevent accidentally over-stimulating the dog. This is an especially attractive feature for the ET-302TS system (two-dog system), because it enables the owner to “Lock and Set” settings for two dogs directly into the remote.

  • Patented Adjustable “Booster” Function:

    Let’s face it- sometimes a dog just needs an extra “Boost” to get his attention. The “Booster” function is fully adjustable with settings from 1 to 60 on the ET-300TS Mini model, so getting a dog’s attention, even in the most distracting of circumstances, is a breeze.

  • Wide Pulse Stimulation:

    An excellent feature of the ET-300TS collar is the “blunt” or “wide pulse” stimulation. This innovative feature is patent pending, and helps to make this training system one of our most popular collars. Instead of the sharp stimulation that is offered by other brands of dog training collars, the “wide pulse” is much cleaner, medical grade stimulation and much less stressful for your pet. With the “wide pulse stimulation”, you won’t see your pet jerking his head or wincing during obedience training, like you may have experienced with competitors’ collars.

  • Remote Night Tracking Light:

    Another one of my favorite safety features, and an extremely important feature that is offered by this collar is the night tracking light. The light is conveniently controlled by the remote transmitter, so pet owners can turn it off and on at will. This is a great perk for pet owners who frequently train at night, or in dimly lit areas, and it can not only help you locate your pet in the dark, but it helps other people and vehicles see your dog as well.

  • Waterproof with Floating Transmitter:

    The entire ET-300TS Mini dog training systems are fully submersible up to 500 ft., so swimming or water training and training in wet weather conditions is never a problem. Additionally, if you’re like me and get slippery fingers from time to time, you won’t have to worry about losing the transmitter in the lakes, rivers or streams because it is designed to float.

  • Two-Hour Quick Charge:

    Unlike many other collars, this Educator mini doesn’t take hours and hours to charge. Equipped with Li-Polymer Rechargeable Batteries that can be fully recharged in just two short hours. With low-battery indicators on both units, the option of a car charger, and a two year full warranty that includes the batteries, you will always be ready for your next training session.

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Simple Buttons Equal Superior Features

The simple, ergonomic design of the transmitter is something to definitely bark about, and the features it offers are second to none. In addition to the above mentioned features, the ET-300TS offers 3 simple buttons on the remote; vibration only mode, momentary static mode and a continuous static mode which are certainly worth mentioning.

  • “Vibration Mode” Feature:

    The unique, powerful “Vibration Mode” feature enables the dog owner to provide a warning signal to the dog before initiating static correction. This warning feature is an exceptional option, because when the warning signal is repeatedly followed by static stimulation, the dog will quickly learn to obey commands to prevent the static correction. “Vibration Mode” can be an excellent tool when training dogs who are deaf, or more sensitive to stimulation as well.

  • Momentary Mode:

    By pressing the black “S” (stimulation mode) button, the transmitter will send a harmless momentary “Nick” stimulation to their pet. Great for just getting your dog’s attention and focused back on you and off the squirrel running across the lawn.

  • Continuous Mode:

    The continuous mode is activated when the owner presses the red “S” button. During this mode of stimulation, the dog will receive constant static stimulation for up to 10 seconds before the automatic shut off safety feature shuts it off.

Want to Train Two Dogs From One Remote?

Designed especially for those trainers/ pet owners who are interested in training two dogs from one remote. The ET-302TS mini offers all of the same great features we appreciate from the ET-300TS, except that it comes with one remote and two receiver-collars and offers dual controls. The dual control remote allows you to find the perfect stimulation settings for each dog and the “Lock and Set” feature allows you to preset them directly into the remote control. Other brands of collars require that the trainer flip back and forth from Dog1 to Dog2 with a pesky toggle switch, which can become confusing and time consuming, and requires you to take your eyes off your dogs while you adjust each dogs’ settings every time you switch dogs. It takes a bit of getting used to, but with the dual controls and preset settings you will never have to take your eyes off your dogs to fiddle around with changing settings. This is an awesome feature that customers have been asking us about for years! You can even preset the booster function at a unique level for each dog directly into the remote which is especially handy when you need to react quickly in emergency situations.

What We Like

Some of my favorite features about this Educator mini collar include:

  • The lost remote transmitter function- This function can come in really handy if you are like me, and sometimes get a little bit forgetful.
  • The waterproof feature- not only does this feature make it possible to train dogs while swimming or enjoying other water activities, but it’s also great for protecting the system when training in wet weather conditions.
  • Versatility- this Educator mini collar is designed for those tiny pups as small as 5 pounds, but can be used on large breeds as well.
  • The “Lock and Set” function- Why worry about accidental adjustments that can leave your dog overly stimulated?

Room for Improvement

When evaluating this particular collar, I really couldn’t find much to complain about. That being said, there’s always room for improvement.

  • ½ mile range- Although most pet owners won’t ever need any more range than ½ of a mile, I do like to keep my options open just in case. While this range is suitable for dogs with limited space, like in-town dogs being trained as companions, those pet owners who live on a farm or prefer to allow their dog more room to roam might wish to consider the Educator ET-400TS, which offers a range of ¾  of a mile instead. Those with larger, or more stubborn pets might check out the Educator ET-800TS series dog training systems which are a little bit bigger, and offer larger breeds up to one mile to roam.

In a Nut Shell

The Educator ET-300TS Mini/ Et-302TS Mini is an extremely high quality, 5 star rated training device, and perhaps one of the most versatile on the market. Competitively priced and packed with features, it’s no wonder this is a top choice for pet owners and dog trainers alike.

K9 Electronics has a 60 day return policy on all our products. If you choose a product that is not right for you and your dog, don’t worry, we have you covered. Simply send it back to us for a full refund or swap it out for a product that will better fit your needs. We’ll even pay the return shipping!

Good luck training!