If you own a larger breed dog, especially one that is somewhat stubborn or difficult to train, the PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer may be just what you need. As you’ll see from reading this PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer review, this collar system is designed with the large dog in mind.

This popular big dog electric trainer is designed for dogs who are at least 6 months old that weigh 40 pounds or more. The PetSafe PDBDT-305 is perfect for medium dog to extra large dog sizes, providing 10 stimulation levels plus a tone-only mode for plenty of training versatility.

Features and Benefits

The PetSafe Deluxe Big Dog Remote Trainer provides many attractive features, including:

  • Waterproof receiver collar and water-resistant transmitter unit.
  • Features 10 levels of progressive stimulation, which include constant and momentary “nick” modes.
  • Collar system also features a tone mode, which can be used instead of electronic corrections or in conjunction with them for a more full-featured training experience.
  • Effective for larger breed dogs, stubborn dogs, and those which tend to be especially difficult to train.
  • Two 3V CR2032 lithium batteries power the receiver, while the transmitter requires a 9V battery.
  • Collar is designed to be durable and comfortable for dogs to wear.


As you can tell from reading this PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer review, this collar offers a variety of advantages for owners of medium to large dogs:

  • QuickFit buckle means the collar will fit your dog comfortably and can be released quickly when needed.
  • 100-yard range is ideal for a wide variety of dog training needs.
  • Both the receiver collar and the transmitter unit come complete with low battery indicators.
  • Auto shutoff safety feature protects against your dog being over-stimulated when the collar is used in constant static stimulation mode.
  • Tone-only beeper button works well as a warning system or as a non-electronic reminder after your dog is trained.
  • In addition to the standard contact points, this collar system also includes contact points that are designed to be effective for dogs with heavy or longer fur.


Although this training collar system features plenty of attractive features, there are also a few cons that consumers should be aware of:

  • Since this collar is designed for the larger pet, it should not be used on dogs that weigh less than 40 pounds or who are less than 6 months old.
  • This training system utilizes safe, effective electronic corrections, which some dog owners object to. If desired, the tone-only button can be used instead of electronic corrections.
  • Higher stimulation levels may be too much for dogs that are timid or mild-tempered.


If you need a collar that is up to the challenge of a larger or more stubborn dog, the PetSafe PDBDT-305 is a great choice. If you’ve had problems training your large or stubborn dog in the past, this collar system could be the ideal solution. If reading this PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer review has helped you come to the conclusion that this is the right collar system for you, you’ll find the best prices right here.