If you’re looking for the perfect electronic collar training system for your small dog, the PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer could be the perfect choice. As you’ll discover from reading this PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer review, this collar includes many of the advanced features that are found on larger collars, but with lower, safer power levels for smaller dogs.

Designed specifically for dogs weighing between 5 and 35 pounds, this collar is small in size but big on features, as noted in this PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Trainer review. When used with smaller dogs that are at least 6 months old, this collar system can be used to correct bad behaviors or as part of an overall obedience program. Featuring 10 progressive levels of electronic correction stimulation, the PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Remote Trainer will provide plenty of training versatility for you and your dog.

Features and Benefits

As noted on this PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer review, this model features plenty of desirable features and benefits for dog owners and trainers:

  • The PetSafe PDLDT-305 is recommended to use with a companion dogweighing between 5 and 35 pounds.
  • Collar is completely waterproof, while the transmitter is water-resistant.
  • Features 10 progressive stimulation levels, with both momentary “nick” and continuous correction modes.
  • The tone-only mode can also be used whenever you’d prefer not to use electronic stimulation corrections. This mode can work well after your dog is trained as a reminder signal, or in conjunction with the electronic corrections.
  • The receiver and collar both use easily replaceable batteries.


  • 100-yard range offers plenty of versatility for most small dog training needs both indoors and outside.
  • Long hair contact points are included in addition to the standard contact points, making the collar system more effective for dogs with long or thick fur.
  • It’s easy to keep track of battery levels, since both the receiver collar and the transmitter unit come complete with battery level indicators.
  • Transmitter unit features an easy to read correction dial as well as a convenient belt clip.
  • When used in continuous correction signal mode, the electronic stimulations will safely shut off automatically after a few seconds.


Although this PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Trainer review has pointed out many positive features, there are also a few disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration:

  • Although adequate for most small dog training needs, the 100-yard range may not be enough for some purposes.
  • Smaller dogs that are more difficult to train may not respond to the lowest levels of correction offered by this collar.
  • Because this collar system is designed for smaller breed dogs, it’s not recommended for dogs that weigh more than 40 pounds.


The PetSafe PDLDT-305 is perfect for the basic training of small breed dogs. As noted in this PetSafe Little Dog Remote Trainer review, this collar system offers many advantages for smaller dogs. Because it’s safe to use with dogs that weigh as little as 5 pounds, it’s the perfect solution for dogs that are too small to use other popular training collar systems. If this PetSafe Deluxe Little Dog Trainer review has convinced you that this collar system is right for you and your pet, you’ll find the best prices right here.