PetSafe Spray Citronella Remote Trainer

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If you need a bit of help training your dog but prefer not to resort to static correction shock collars, the PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer could be exactly what you’re looking for. As this PetSafe Citronella Collar Dog Trainer review will show, you don’t always need electronic corrections in order to get good training results.

Whether you have a mild tempered dog that is too easily startled by electronic corrections or you’d just prefer to use a non-static training method, this training system will help you get the training results you want with a minimum of time and effort. As you’ll learn from reading this PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer review, the PetSafe Spray Collar is designed to correct a dog’s undesirable behavior through the release of a spray of citronella.

Features and Benefits

The PetSafe PDT00-11234 Spray Citronella Dog Collar is the perfect choice when you’d like to train your dog without the use of electronic corrections. As you’ll see from this PetSafe Citronella Collar Dog Trainer review, here are just a few of the features and benefits of this training system:

  • Instead of using static corrections, this unit uses citronella spray to deter bad behavior or to reinforce obedience training.
  • Convenient remote unit is easy to use. Pet owners can simply press a button on the remote to release a spray of citronella directed towards the dog’s nose. In most cases, these bursts of citronella can be quite effective when training a dog.
  • Recommended for sensitive dogs, small dogs, or even cats.
  • The PetSafe Lemon Spray dog collar is no longer available, as the PetSafe PDT00-11234 Spray Citronella dog collar is the replacement model.


  • The PetSafe Spray Remote Trainer has many advantages including the following:
  • Up to a 300-yard range.
  • Features 4 spray levels plus a tone-only mode, providing plenty of training options.
  • Both the collar and the remote control unit are waterproof, allowing you to train your dog even when weather conditions are wet.
  • The remote and the collar are both rechargeable.
  • Adjustable collar can be used for dogs with necks measuring up to 28 inches.
  • Citronella spray refill is included.
  • One of the best PetSafe spray collars for dogs that are timid or easily startled.


As you’ve learned from reading this PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer review, this training collar system offers many advantages. However, there are also a few disadvantages to be aware of:

  • Although suitable for many training scenarios, the 300-yard range is not adequate for every situation.
  • The combination of citronella spray and tone corrections may not be enough reinforcement for stubborn dogs or those that are difficult to train. In these cases, a static correction collar may be a better option


As you’ve seen from this PetSafe Citronella Collar Dog Trainer Review, this collar system is the perfect solution for those who do not wish to use static corrections to train their dog. When used correctly, this collar can be quite effective for teaching basic obedience or for changing undesirable behavior. If you’ve decided that this training system is right for you after reading this PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer review, you can find the best prices right here.

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