PetSafe Venture Series Big Dog Trainer Review

by | Apr 3, 2017 | E-Collar Reviews | 0 comments

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If you have a large breed dog, you probably already know how important it is to find a training system that’s up to the challenge. As you’ll see from reading this PetSafe Venture Series Big Dog Trainer review, the PetSafe PDT00-11876 is recommended for large breed dogs.

Electronic collar systems are a popular choice among pet owners and trainers alike, due to the fact that they are easy to use and highly effective. Designed for dogs that weigh 40 pounds and up, this popular PetSafe training collar might be just what you need to train your dog in a safe, humane and effective way. Most dogs quickly make the association between incorrect behavior and the safe electronic corrections provided by e-collars. Most pet owners are surprised how much easier the training process is when using one of these effective electronic collars.

Features and Benefits

As you’ll discover after reading this PetSafe Venture Series Big Dog Trainer review, this model offers many features and benefits:

  • Range of System: 1000 yard.
  • Comfortable and yet durable collar is designed to fit the needs of larger dogs.
  • Digital remote unit features a large display, making it easy to read. The remote unit is also easy to hold and simple to use.
  • Both the receiver collar and the digital remote are waterproof, allowing you to train your dog even when the weather is wet.
  • Designed for dogs that weigh over 40 pounds.
  • 1,000-yard range is perfect for a wide variety of training needs.


  • As noted in this PetSafe Venture Series Big Dog Remote Trainer review, there are many positive features that make this collar a favorite:
  • Training system easily expands to accommodate two dogs by simply buying an additional Add-A-Dog training collar.
  • The only training collar that allows you to expand the system accommodate a small dog and large dog. For example; you might have a large and small breed dog so you could purchase this large dog system and the small dog Add-A-Dog extra collar.
  • Adjustable collar will fit dogs with up to a 32-inch neck measurement.
  • Provides 8 static correction levels + 2 boost. This collar can also be used in tone-only mode if desired for additional training functionality.
  • The collar and the receiver collar are both rechargeable.


As is the case with all products, this model may not be suitable for every need:

  • Not all pet owners and trainers approve of the safe, humane electronic corrections that are part of this training system. However, there is also a tone-only mode that can be used in lieu of electronic corrections if preferred.
  • This training collar system is designed for larger dogs, and as such should not be used for pets that weigh less than 40 pounds.
  • Although the 1000-yard range is perfect for most training needs, it may not be adequate for long-range field training.


Designed specifically with the larger dog in mind, the PetSafe PDT00-11876 can be the perfect solution for your big dog training needs. As you’ve learned from reading this PetSafe Venture Series Big Dog Trainer review, this popular ecollar is easy to use, effective, safe and humane. If you’ve had problems in the past teaching your larger dog proper behavior, this collar could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Once you’ve determined that this collar is the right choice for you and your dog, you can find the best prices right here.

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