Training Deaf Dogs Using a Shock Collar

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While training any dog can be challenging at times, training deaf dogs can be even more complex. Unfortunately, many deaf dogs are given up on simply because of their impairment. With the proper training, however, a deaf dog can become a well-behaved pet and a wonderful companion.

Patience, determination and commitment are essential in successfully training your deaf pet, but using the proper tools and techniques to assist you in your endeavor is just as critical.

The Key to Training a Deaf Dog

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do to make your training experience the most successful is to purchase a vibration collar.

While there are a number of lower-priced “vibration only” collars available to consumers, most are low quality and don’t offer the variety of features that can make training dogs who are deaf much easier.

We recommend the Educator ET-300TS Mini as an excellent option for training a deaf dog.

Benefits of Using the Educator ET-300TS Mini for Deaf Dog Training

  • Although this collar can be used as a shock-collar in addition to using the vibration mode, it offers a “lock & Set” feature that enables you to lock the shock component at 0, making the delivery of shock unavailable. Since the vibration mode is typically quite effective in most situations when training dogs who are deaf, this feature is essential to prevent overstimulation.
  • The Educator ET-300TS Mini offers a safety feature that allows you to set the shock to an extremely low level which is just slightly stronger than a tingle to be used in emergency situations or situations when your dog might be more distracted and may not respond to the “vibration only” mode.
  • This collar is extremely versatile as well. It’s appropriate for dogs as small as five pounds and is adjustable up to 30″ for larger breeds.
  • The waterproof feature makes this collar an excellent choice for deaf dogs who are fond of swimming and would otherwise need to be restricted with a traditional leash.
  • The “Night Tracking Light” that is included on the Educator ET-300TS Mini is an extremely important feature when you are training a dog who is deaf. It’s completely controlled by the remote transmitter, so you can choose when and how it lights up. This can be an essential safety tool that enables you (and other people and cars) to see your deaf dog in low-light situations.
  • Many deaf dogs are never allowed off of their traditional leash unless they are in confined areas due to their owners’ inability to get their attention. This particular vibration collar offers a range of up to 1/2 mile, so your dog has the ability to run and play without ever being out of your reach.
  • With most vibration collars, it is recommended that the collar is not left on the dog for more than ten hours a day because the “contact points” on the collar can cause friction that can irritate the dog’s skin. When training dogs who are deaf, however, it is essential that the dog wears the collar as much as possible. As a solution, Educator collars offer a “Comfort Pad” that is designed to replace the contact points, enabling your deaf dog to wear it 24/7.
  • Since deaf dogs should wear their vibration collars the majority of their lives, battery charging can be difficult. The two-hour quick charge feature of this collar makes it much more convenient to keep the system charged when your dog is sleeping, maximizing its usage availability. A car charger is also available for use when you are traveling with your hearing-impaired companion.

When training a deaf dog, the use of a vibration collar like the Educator ET-300TS Mini is essential. Not only is it a helpful tool when teaching your dog simple commands, but it prevents you from having to be within touching distance of your dog in order to give him a gentle tap on the shoulder to get his attention.

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