Electronic Dog Doors

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If you have ever felt like a doorman in your own home, electronic doors may be what you need. Electronic pet doors give your pet the freedom to come and go as it pleases and you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to let it out. Electronic pet doors are attractive and affordable. Electronic pet doors come in many sizes, so you will find one that is perfect for your pet. Most electronic pet doors have traditional flaps, but some have doors that slide vertically.

Staywell Infra-Red pet doors come in several sizes and ensure that only your pets are allowed into the house. Infra-red dog doors lock in both directions, so kids can’t get out through the door and unwanted wildlife can’t get in. Staywell’s doors have a programmable four-way rotating deadbolt that allows for fully closed, in-only, out-only and two-way operation. Their pet doors are durable and hold up well; they are low-maintenance and keep water and drafts out.

Infra-red electronic dog doors only allow pets that are wearing a special infra-red key on their collars through the door. Several pets can use the same door; they just have to be wearing corresponding collar keys. Pet doors are easy to install and have a three year warranty. Electronic units can be placed in standard and patio doors as well as in walls. Most are easy to install with tools you already have around the house. The units usually come with written instructions; some have videos or DVDs.

When installing electronic versions of electronic dog doors, you should mount it at a level that is a comfortable step for a small pet and two inches above the largest dog’s back. Some companies that sell these doors say that the bottom of the door should be at chest level, but this may be too high for an elderly or arthritic dog. Be sure to measure your dog so you get the right sized doors.

Some dog doors are completely automatic. These automatic dog doors open under their own power; the dog doesn’t have to touch the flap. Some collars actually tell the door which direction your dog is going and how far away it is from the electronic pet door.

Some people believe that because the electronic dog doors lock and keep out unwanted animals, that they will also keep out criminals. Anyone who is considering buying one of these units should realize that they only keep out wildlife.

Some models are made of aluminum, while others are made from plastic. Many have tinted see-through flaps that can be replaced if torn.

Electric Pet units are a good alternative to traditional pet doors because you can control which pets in your household come and go. When you buy the PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor Pet Door, both you and your pet will be happier.

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