Extra Large Dog Bed

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Has your dog ever been mistaken for a horse? If so, chances are that you need a extra large dog bed for your gargantuan friend. For those owners who have large breed dogs, it is often difficult to find an extra extra large breed dog bed, but with the wonderful world of internet shopping, finding a big enough bed for dogs is as easy as signing onto the computer.

If you have a large breed dog, like an Irish Wolfhound or St. Bernard, a X-large pet bed is a must. Large dogs need the comfort and support a larger pet bed provides to support their massive frame. An large bed both keeps your dog away from the cold floor and also provides them a place to call their own.

When buying a big dog bed, think about what kind of material you would like the extra large dog bed to be made of and how durable the dog bed needs to be for your particular dog. One plus at buying a much bigger dog bed is that they are made to withstand some of the harshest canine behaviours.

A dog bed is one of the most important investments when owning a large breed dog because it will be with you for a long time, and if you buy a XL dog bed when your dog is a puppy you can be assured your dog will not outgrow it as it would most other dog beds.

The most common material used for an XL bed for dogs is cedar chips. These hold up well and can be replaced if the dog bed looks in ill repute. The reason cedar chips are used so often in big dog beds is that they are so durable, and since the bed is for a dog that is quite massive the filling should be more durable than most dog beds. Despite the cedar chips, these XL dog beds are still very comfortable and will definitely be preferred by your pooch to the floor.

The cedar chips in a XL dog bed also help to trap some of that wonderful dog smell from escaping into the room thereby keeping everything much fresher. For those owners who prefer fluffy stuffing in their beds to cedar chips there are some companies that use plush filling in their large dog beds, but if considering one of these, it is necessary to make sure that the dog bed comes with a removable cover for washing.

It seems as though the larger the dog, the more dirt it is able to trap between their huge paws thereby creating even larger messes. By making sure the dog bed has a washable cover, you will save yourself having to buy dog bed after dog bed. Another option when considering an bed for dogs is buying either a heated dog bed or an orthopaedic bed for extra large breed dogs. These two latter options are appropriate for the ageing Great Dane or Mastiff.

Even though it may be difficult to find an XL bed for dogs at your local pet store, they do come in a variety of different styles. It isn’t just the filling of the extra large dog bed that changes, but also their shapes and the materials with which they are made. Some large dog beds are made with waterproof material for those large dogs that still have the occasional accident or perhaps for the snowy St. Bernard coming in from the search.

The big dog bed can be made from flannel, soft and cosy fleece, nylon that washes clean with a sponge, and a number of other different fabrics. The pet bed can vary In shapes from that of a couch to a simple puffy rectangle. So even if you have a picky pooch, you can always find an pet bed that will suit both your and your dog’s needs.

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