Bark Collars For Dogs – A Great Alternative

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Here’s an interesting piece of data. According to recent statistics, about 10% of dogs that are adopted from animal shelters in the U.S. are eventually brought back due to behavioural problems. From information gathered by the Humane Society of the United States, the main behaviour problem exhibited by more than 40% of those returned dogs is excessive barking. Of all unwanted behaviours, nuisance barking is one of the easiest and quickest to remedy by using one of the many bark collars for dogs readily available on the market.

Bark collars for dogs

They come in four basic types: vibrating, ultra-sonic, spray mist and static correction. Some incorporate a combination of more than one correction type and all provide a variety of stimulation levels. Regardless of which type of bark collar you choose, all operate in basically the same way. When the dog wearing the collar barks, he receives a perfectly timed correction that interrupts his behaviour and grabs his attention.
The stimulation, whether it’s a high-pitched tone, a Citronella spray or a static electric shock, is meant to be unpleasant enough to deter the dog from nuisance barking. He soon learns that the only way to avoid it is to stop barking. For many, bark collars for dogs will correct their unwanted barking behaviour in just a day or two. Some stubborn dogs may take a bit longer to train but, all in all, training a dog to stop his excessive, nuisance barking is one of the easiest fixes for unwanted dog behaviours displayed. This is because these bark collars for dogs are automatic. You don’t even have to be present for them to work effectively.

Bark Collars for Dogs Alternatives

There are also non-collar alternatives that may be used for breaking a dog of his excessive barking habit. They come in the form of ultrasonic bark control devices that can be placed in your home or placed outside in the yard. The nice thing about the outdoor systems, which are made to look like a birdhouse, is that if your neighbour has a dog with a barking problem the system will also correct his behaviour when he’s in range. These systems use battery-powered, ultra-sonic correction that’s inaudible to the human ear but easily heard by dogs.

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