the Benefits Of Using A Shock Collar For dog training

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Owners, enthusiasts and animal lovers have varied views regarding the use of an electric collar in training and behavior modification of canines.

Many people are quick to jump to the conclusion that because these collars provide a “shock” it is inhumane; this opinion is often formed from a lack of information regarding these types of training collars.

In fact, using the “Tapping” method at extremely low levels of static correction are much safer and humane then using a choke or pinch collar that requires the use of brute force and if not used correctly can easily damage the dog’s larynx. There are many  benefits of training your dog using an e-collar which we will discuss in this article.

Benefits Of Using an E-Collar

A quick response to unacceptable canine behavior is a key to training and enforcement. A delay, however slight, can often result in the animal not knowing what is expected of them producing frustration for both the dog and owner. An owner has access to a very rapid reaction to their animal’s behavior, from a distance, with the use of an electronic collar, whether it is for positive or negative reinforcement.

Consider the numerous times you have had to make a frantic dash to get to your dog in an effort to prevent or stop some type of behavior. Often, by the time you arrive the deed is done, or your pooch has developed the sense that you are now playing. These two very common scenarios do nothing to help you train your dog.

A dog wearing an e collar

Even the best trained animal can become distracted. These devices were created to regain the attention and focus of the dog.

Working, herding, and hunting dogs are bred to have intelligence and focus; unfortunately, this also means that an owner is often helpless as their canine runs off after their quarry, so focused on their task that they ignore auditory commands. With a quick reminder using the e-collar, their handler is able to immediately recall the overly enthusiastic dog.

Another huge benefit is that the physical stimulation of these collars will often produce a more rapid response than any noise maker including voice, clicker, clapping, or whistling. A dog that is concentrating is known to block out auditory stimulus as they investigate an object which has caught their interest. Dogs, like their human counterparts, are also known to lose their hearing, the use of a vibration collar is the perfect solution to this type of situation.

  •  The best ecollars will have many levels of static correction to select from (over 100), an owner bases the level on the temperament of the dog being trained by turning the level to zero and slowly increasing it while “Tapping” on the remote button and closely watching the dog for the slightest reaction such as looking up at you or cocking its head to one side.
  • The static shock that is produced by the receiver-collar is not designed to cause physical harm. When set at the proper level, the feeling the dog receives should be similar to you flicking the side of your dog’s neck with your finger to get its attention. An annoying pulse. Nothing more.
  • All e-collars come with either vibration or tone only options (some come with both). If vibration or tone are used consistently before static correction is applied, typically, after only a few low-level static corrections dogs will respond to vibration or tone only and will no longer need static corrections, except in high distraction situations.
  • After following the training steps with our FREE, step-by-step e-collar training manual and the chapter on “Phasing Out The Collar”, your dog should respond quickly to verbal commands only and you will only need the collar for an occasional refresher course.
  • Not all ecollars are “shock” based; there are models which can provide a burst of citronella spray, vibration, tone and a high-pitched ultrasonic sound instead. However, these types of collars are not as effective as the static shock collars.

E-Collar Training

Handlers familiar with the use of an ecollar swear by them.

Dog stood on tree with e collar

There are two basic forms of reinforcement that are used in training and behavior modification: positive and negative. While most people automatically assume that an electronic collar is used for negative reinforcement, like a form of punishment, this is not always the case.

Depending upon the training that is associated with the use of the collar, you can use the device for positive reinforcement as well.

A novice may find it difficult at first to become adjusted to how to use the electric collar. The timing and reinforcement are vital, a handler has to be sure that the canine knows the verbal commands first and understands what is expected of it.

As with any form of behavior modification, if the canine does not understand, the use of the collar will be moot. For this reason, has developed a 40 page, step-by-step e-collar training manual that we provide free with every purchase. Plus free phone support during regular business hours via our toll free number: 800-586-3780.

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