Training Multiple Dogs? Use Multiple Dog TRAINING Collars

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If you frequently work more than one dog at a time, it can be quite inconvenient to use a separate receiver collar and transmitter unit combination for each individual dog. Fortunately, there are training collar systems available that allow you to use one transmitter with multiple dogs.

When using a multi dog training collar, it’s important to understand that these systems are designed to allow you to correct any of the dogs. However, it’s only possible to correct one dog at any given time, and it’s not possible to correct all the dogs simultaneously.

Instead, the transmitter unit for these systems will have a toggle switch or separate buttons for each dog. With just a bit of practice, it’s quite easy to use these systems. Of course, correcting the right dog at the right time is important when using a multi-dog unit. Since the collars that come with these systems are generally color-matched with the colors on the transmitter unit, it’s easy to keep things straight.

Uses for Multiple Training Dog Collars

These multi-unit systems can work well for any kind of dog, even if you are working a little dog and a big dog at the same time. In fact, there are even multiple training dog collar systems that are designed specifically to allow you to mix and match pet sizes, providing one collar for a small dog and another for a larger dog.

However, if one dog requires a different level of electronic stimulation than the other, it’s important to remember to switch the correction level before administering a correction. Again, the fact that the collar colors match the colors on the transmitter control makes it easy to match the proper correction to the right dog.

Multi-dog collar systems are often a best buy for people who train hunting dogs, or those who work with them in the field. Because you can control multiple dogs with only one transmitter unit, multi dog training collars can provide a lot of value and convenience. In the case of dog teams that are trained to work closely together, a multi-collar system can be invaluable.

Some of these collar systems are designed to have a very large range, which can be handy in the field while hunting. Many systems also include tracer lights on the collar, which can help an owner maintain visual contact with his or her dogs in the field. Just as is the case with other electronic collars, these systems offer an adjustable stimulation level, audible tones, and other useful features.

In addition to being useful for dogs in the field, multiple training dog collars can also be quite handy at home. For families that have more than one dog, using a multi-collar system can save time, effort and money. Instead of needing to buy a separate transmitter and collar for each pet, it’s possible to simply use one transmitter and multiple collars.

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