Dog Training Collar Buying Guide (2024)

Dog Training Collars

Byron Pappageorge

Byron Pappageorge
Product Specialist

Hello and welcome to our dog training collar category page.

My name is Byron and I’m a senior product specialist here at K9 Electronics. It's my job to help you find the best solution, using the latest e collar technologies to better communicate with your family pet, working dog, or hunting dog.

We get lots of calls over here every day from customers just like you asking for help and recommendations. So, I have decided to write this guide to provide the information that you need to buy the best dog training collar for you and your dog.

The information in this guide is basically the same thing you would get if you called us on the phone.

In a hurry? Not the reading type? No problem! Call our experts at 800-586-3780 between 8am and 5pm Monday - Friday PST.

Best Sellers

A selection of our best selling remote training collars at K9 Electronics

Small Dog

Remote training collars ideal for smaller dogs weighing between 5 & 15 lbs

Family Dog

Remote training collars ideal for companion pets, at home or in the yard & park

Hunting Dog

Hunting remote dog collars from Dogtra, SportDog & Garmin. Available for up to 21 dogs

Working Dog

Remote training collars ideal for Service & K9 - with up to 3 dog systems & 1 mile transmit range


Our best selling training collars from Dogtra, E-Collar Technologies, SportDog & more

Bark Collars

Mild mannered to stubborn dogs, stop nuisance barking quickly with a bark collar

GPS Tracking

Long-distance GPS tracking is a great advancement in dog monitoring & dog control

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  • FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED has been in business since 2003, has an A+ BBB Rating and is the world's largest electronic dog store. Unlike the big box stores, we specialize in electric dog collars and train our dogs with the products that we sell.
  • AUTHORIZED DEALER Its important to purchase the brands that we carry from and authorized dealer or you could lose your warranty. This includes many 3rd party “sellers” on Amazon. When you purchase directly from us you can rest assured that your product warranty is intact
  • TOP BRANDS that we have vetted with the highest quality dog training collars on the market that are safe, reliable and backed up with full manufacturer warranties.
  • FAST FREE SHIPPING over $100 & zero-risk, no questions asked 30-day 100% money back guarantee.
  • FREE 40-PAGE EBOOK To kick start your training for basic obedience and solving behavioral issues.

How Dog Training Collars Work

Shock collars have 2 main components: the transmitter (remote) and the receiver (collar). The transmitter communicates with the receiver via a radio signal. Remote dog training collars give your dog light, harmless, attention-getting taps on the shoulder, from a distance, at the exact time it’s needed. This is a great improvement from pinch or choke dog training collars that require that the dog be right next to you and use brute force, which can damage your dog's spine or larynx.

Unlike the old models, modern shock collars now offer many levels of stimulation so you can fine-tune to the perfect level for your dog's temperament. Plus, they have vibration and tone-only modes that can be used for more sensitive dogs or as a warning before electronic stimulation is applied.

Electric dog collars are basically designed for 2 purposes:
  • reinforcing basic obedience commands, such as sit, stay, or come when called
  • solving behavioral issues, such as chasing, jumping up, counter surfing, nuisance barking, chewing, or destructive digging

How to Select the Best Dog Training Collar

K9 Electronics carries the world’s largest selection of the best dog training collars. With 6 top manufacturers and almost 100 models to choose from, we have the perfect high-quality shock collar for every dog, from family pets to K9 service dogs to every type of hunting dog.

How to Navigate Our Dog Training Collar Categories

When looking for a dog training collar on our site, the first step is to select the most relevant category above and use the product filters on the left side of the page to refine your search. Below, we have a description of the 4 main category product filters that you will want to use to find the best dog training collar for you and your dog(s).

To select the best e collar for you and your dog, you will need to consider your dog’s size and temperament and how much transmit range you think you’ll need. Once you have narrowed your search with the category filters, you can use the “compare” feature on the product pages to compare the models side by side and make your selection.

How to Select the Best Dog Training Collar

Choosing Your System.

  • Dog Temperament
  • Minimum Weight
  • Transmit Range
  • Multi-Dog Systems (Expandability)

Dog Training Modes

Modern dog training collars offer a variety of stimulation modes and features. To select a shock collar that will fit your needs and applications, it's important to understand some of the key features and functions of the unit. Here is a quick overview of the modes you'll find on the remote dog training collars we offer to help you understand each collar’s capability. As you browse through our electric dog collar products, you will encounter some of these terms.

Dog Training Collar Modes

Dog Training Collar Modes

How your system works.

  • Continuous
  • Momentary
  • Vibration
  • Tone
  • Jump
  • Jump & Rise
  • Beeper Locate
  • Run & Point
  • Point Only

Customer Reviews

ET-300 Review
Dawn Frase
We are extremely happy with this collar. After starting the use of the Educator mini in just three short weeks we have a totally different puppy. Our puppy is now a joy to be with.
ET-300 Mini Educator
Educator ET-800 Review
Malamute Express
I thought the customer service was outstanding. All questions were answered the same day which gave me a high level of confidence with my purchase.
Educator ET-800
Educator ET-302 Review
Excellent product. Works great and is adjustable for different size animals and their respective tolerances of stimulation. It made a near immediate impact on my boys.
ET-302 Mini Educator

Our Dog Training Collar Brands

E-Collar Technologies
DT Systems

Our Brands

Sorting through the seemingly endless amount of dog training collars can be confusing and overwhelming. There are tons of different manufacturers making their own e collar systems, but there are only a handful that we stand behind, are proven to be effective, and offer the best safety features for your dog. Here's what you need to know about the best dog training collar brands you can trust to get your dog to the top of its game.

E-Collar Technologies is the only US-based manufacturer, operating in Garrett, Indiana. They hit the very top of our list for a reason. To start with, they offer a full line of the highest quality family pet and working dog remote dog training collars, no bark collars, and containment systems. As the company name suggests, they use all the latest e collar technologies. This is the brand we use with our dogs over here, and in our opinion, they are the best.

Dogtra is one of the oldest shock collar manufacturing brands and is going to be our 2nd runner-up for quality and durability. The manufacturer is based in Korea with warehouses in Los Angeles, California. Dogtra offers a full line of family pet, working dog, and hunting dog remote dog training collars, as well as a GPS track, train & contain system.

SportDog Brand is renowned for its tough hunting dog training and GPS tracking systems. They also offer family pet remote trainers, no bark collars, and the only in-ground contain & train system on the market. Their products are known for quality and being the best value for the dollar.

Garmin offers a full line of remote dog training collars, bark collars, and GPS track & train systems for family pets, working dogs, and hunting dogs. Garmin is currently the only brand that offers built-in bark control with some of its models. With its innovative GPS tracking technology, this brand offers some of the most advanced hunting systems on the market.

DT Systems has provided high-quality hunting dog and family pet training electric dog collars since 1983. Their lightweight, convenient, and easy-to-use dog training collars feature state-of-the-art technology. They have revolutionized the electronic collar industry forever with their friendly static shock collars and breakthrough technology.

PetSafe has become successful through understanding how much pets mean to their owners. With the help of its passionate employees, they create and offer some of the most modern products available in pet training, containment, and safety. PetSafe is always working to find better ways to assist owners in locating lost animals, support pet health, and enable even more people to provide a loving home for their furry friends.

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