Electric Dog Fence: An Effective Way To Limit The Dogs Boundaries

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If you are the owner of a dog and want to keep it in the yard without a fence you want to purchase an electric dog fence. You will probably want to know how it works. This system works when it delivers a mild electric shock, which is harmless to the dog, whenever a dog becomes too close to the place where it should not be near.

Should a dog continue to go to the area, then its collar will deliver a warning tone followed by a mild static correction. Here is more information in regard to the operation of this electric dog fence.

One good thing about this device is that you never need to keep the canine tied up whenever it is outdoors. This device will keep the dog in and around the boundaries where you want the canine to stay and will be safe. Anyone who has any dogs is fully aware of the fact that they do like to roam, chase after cars, cats and even other dogs too.

But with the electric dog containment system you will never need to be concerned with this ever happening. This way you can allow the pet to have the freedom to roam around the area of your yard without ever worrying about the dog leaving its boundaries. This fence is a high tech device that can put a stop to something that seemed almost impossible to do before.

This is a wonderful way for those who live out of the city where there is plenty of ground for your dog to run around in and you stay relaxed without ever being concerned about chasing after your dog as the fence will control its area of freedom. This is a great system for the training of a dog to learn about its boundaries.

This is just how the system works for your pet. All you need to do is place the included wire around the perimeter of your property or any place you do not want your dog to go such as a swimming pool, flower garden, etc. The wire really doesn’t need to be buried and some folks will just tack it down to their lawn using Sod staples or if you have an existing traditional style fence that your dog is digging under or jumping over it can be simply tacked along the bottom of the fence.

The collar is fastened around the dog’s neck much as a regular collar would. This collar will receive a signal from the wire should your dog get too close to any areas that are off-limits.

The first thing that will happen is your dog will hear a warning tone if it gets to close to the area that is off-limits. Should your dog continue to get even closer then the collar will deliver a mild shock.

After a couple of weeks of training on the electric dog fence your dog will begin to understand where its new boundaries are. After it receives a couple of corrections from the collar, your dog will more than likely not test the limits of the containment area and probably will not get close enough to receive any more corrections.

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