Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar Review

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If you are searching for a high quality, low profile remote dog training collar, let me introduce you to the new Dogtra ARC (Advanced Receiver Concept). This uniquely designed e-collar offers a ¾ mile range with low to medium stimulation for dogs as small as 15 lbs. with sensitive to moderate temperaments. In this Dogtra ARC review we will examine the advanced features of this state of the art electric dog trainer, as well as the pros and cons that we have found, in order to assist you in deciding if this is the right e-collar for you and your dog(s).

Notable Features of the Dogtra ARC Remote Dog Training Collar

The NEW Dogtra ARC is equipped with all of the right features that make it an excellent choice for pet owners with dogs who are as small as 15 lbs. and have mild to moderate temperaments, and since it is specifically designed to be expandable for up to 2 dogs, pet owners won’t need to worry about purchasing an extra system for each dog. Some of the notable features of this advanced remote trainer include:

  • Sleekly Designed Receiver Collar:Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar Review

    One unique feature about the Dogtra ARC remote trainer is the uniquely designed receiver collar that is created to fit along the contour of your dog’s neck, making it much more comfortable and less bulky for your pet. Unlike the block design offered by other e-collars, the Dogtra ARC offers a slim, curved receiver that the neighbors or other dog owners at the park wont even notice. Just pop your dogs tags on the D-Ring, slip the small remote in your pocket and descreatly control your dog anywhere.

  • Choice of “Nick” or “Constant” Stimulation: The Dogtra ARC offers the pet owner the option of selecting the “nick” or “constant” stimulation setting depending on the unique circumstances and preferences.

  • Unique Rheostat Dial:

    While many remote dog trainers offer only a few different levels of stimulation, the Dogtra ARC is equipped with 127 levels of static correction so that you can gradually increase or decrease the amount of stimulation your dog receives at any given time.

  • LCD Screen:

    The convenient LCD screen not only displays the amount of stimulation that you currently have your system set for, but it displays the remaining battery life as well so you are never caught off guard with a dead battery while training.

  • Waterproof Design:

    Both the remote control transmitter and the receiver/ collar are completely waterproof so you can feel comfortable training in all weather conditions.

  • Unique Remote Transmitter:

    The remote control transmitter is equipped with checkered grips to help improve comfortable handling and decrease the chances of you losing you grip on your remote.

  • Range:

    The Dogtra ARC offers up to ¾ mile of line of sight range making it ideal for pet owners who wish to allow their dog a little extra freedom. Keep in mind that, like all electric dog training devices, the amount of range that is accomplished can vary significantly depending upon the terrain, adverse weather conditions and interruption from trees and buildings.

  • Two Hour Quick Charge:

    This system is equipped with Lithium Polymer batteries that offer a two hour quick charge, so keeping your Dogtra ARC powered up and ready for your next training session is a cinch.

  • Vibration Feature:

    The Dogtra ARC offers a convenient vibration/ pager feature that enables you to get your dog’s attention without static stimulation.

  • Expandable System:

    This remote training system is easily expandable for up to two dogs when you purchase an extra receiver collar, enabling the trainer/ pet owner to train both dogs from a single remote.

Ergonomically Designed Transmitter Makes Training A Breeze

Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar Review

The slim design transmitter puts all of the buttons and dials right where you would expect them, meaning you can focus more time on your dog and less time searching for the right controls. Additionally, the Dogtra ARC transmitter offers a uniquely designed checkered grip making the handling of the remote much more comfortable and reducing the risk of it accidentally slipping from your hands during training.

What We Like

The Dogtra ARC is an innovatively designed remote dog transmitter that is packed with favorable features. A few of my favorites include:

  • Uniquely Designed Receiver:

    The receiver is designed to fit snugly between the collar and your dog’s neck with its curved shape that not only makes it more comfortable for your pet, but improves the reliability of the contact points as well.

  • Discreet Design:

    For those pet owners who are concerned about being discreet when using the e-collar, the Dogtra ARC is an excellent choice. The receiver collar is designed in such a way that passersby won’t even notice that it’s a shock collar.

  • Levels of Stimulation:

    The Dogtra ARC offers 127 levels of static stimulation that are controlled by a rheostat dial so that you can gradually increase or decrease the level of correction depending upon your own unique needs and preferences.

  • LCD Screen:

    The convenient LCD screen lets the trainer see the exact level of stimulation the remote trainer is set to, and includes information about the remaining battery life as well, eliminating inconvenient surprises.

Room for Improvement

Such an innovative device that includes so many positive features is sometimes difficult to negatively critique, but as always, there are just a few changes that we could hope to see.

  • No “Tone”:

    While the non-stimulating vibration function is obviously a nice feature to have, some dogs simply respond better to a warning tone, and that feature is not available with the Dogtra ARC.

  • Versatility:

    The Dogtra ARC is recommended for dogs weighing 15 lbs. and up with mild to moderate temperaments. We would like to see the same system available for smaller dogs and more stubborn dogs as well.

  • Toggle Switches:Dogtra ARC Remote Training Collar Review

    We would really like to see the Dogtra ARC implement memory in their remote transmitters and do away with the toggle switches entirely, like the American made Educator collars. Pet owners who have more than one dog to train will be disappointed by the toggle switch design because not only will trainers need to take their eyes off of their dogs in order to switch between settings, but there is more of a risk for overstimulation or under stimulation in quick response situations as well.

In a Nut Shell

This review of the NEW Dogtra ARC concludes that this remote training system offers an abundance of positive, innovative features making it an ideal choice for pet owners with dogs 15 lbs. and up who possess mild to moderate temperaments.

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