Introduction To E-Collar Training

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Safety is the primary concern when using e-collars, so be sure to read through the User Manual and operating instructions that came with your e-collar. Familiarize yourself with all the buttons, functions and how to shut the collar off. Know how to charge and change the batteries, and any other essential information specific to the model you have chosen.

How E-Collars Work

All electronic training collars contain two components, a handheld remote transmitter and an collar receiver. The remote device transmits a radio signal to the collar-receiver which then triggers electric stimulation via two stainless steel probes on a collar fitted to your pet’s neck.

Most e-collars offer continuous or momentary stimulation and have variable control so that the trainer may adjust the stimulation level as needed during training.

How to Train with an E-Collar

Electronic training collars allow you to correct your dog from a distance by stimulating an electronic static shock through the collar probes. Like other training collars, they work by startling or stimulating your dog with an unpleasant sensation.

All e-collar training will fall into two general categories: reinforcing learned behaviors and stopping problem behaviors.

Stopping Problem Behaviors

Stopping unwanted behaviors with a electronic training collar utilizes the positive aversion method of operant conditioning. The way this works is that when your dog engages in the target behavior (jumping up for example) you trigger an unpleasant sensation, and your dog receives an electric stimulation.

When working in this way, he will quickly come to associate the stimulation with the target behavior. Timing and appropriate stimulation levels are key to success with this practice.

Reinforcing Learned Behaviors

When using an e-collar for Basic Obedience training, it is necessary that you first teach the command so your dog knows what is expected of him. The e-collar is then used to reinforce that behavior.

In this mode of operation, the e-collar works as a negative reinforcement, meaning that when your dog engages in the target behavior, the unpleasant stimulation is removed. Your dog will learn that when you give a command, he must comply immediately.

Some dogs do not require negative reinforcement, but for stubborn dogs, dogs with low drive, easily distracted dogs as well as for advanced work, negative reinforcement can bring your dog’s performance up a notch with accurate and swift responses.

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