Fall Safety Tips For Your Dog

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Autumn brings with it warm days and the cool nights which make this season a favorite for many. Whether you plan on participating in fall activities or simply need to prepare for the winter months ahead, you and your canine companion will fare well by following these tips and suggestions. There are special considerations for your dog’s safety around the home and while you are out and about as well.

Safety Tips While at Home

  • Be aware the oncoming holidays pose a potential risk to your dog. Candy, holiday dishes, alcohol, decorations, anti-depressants are all hazardous to your fall safety tips for your dogfurry friend.
  • Cooler nights in some regions also mean the water bowl outside can freeze, be sure to have fresh water available to drink.
  • If your canine spends a great deal of time outdoors, the cooler weather will also require additional calories to keep a healthy weight and maintain energy levels. This may mean a gradual change in the amount of type of food you are feeding your dog. It is best to discuss this with your veterinarian to determine the best solution.
  • Clean bedding that is sheltered from the elements is essential. This also includes a warm place away from drafts within your own home for sleeping.
  • Changing antifreeze, or having a leak, can lead to sad endings. Even a very small amount of antifreeze can be poisonous. The smell and sweet taste of this fluid make it very tempting to your furry friend.
  • Fall will also mean your dog will be preparing to grow out of their winter coat, depending on the breed of your canine you may have to brush your friend out more frequently as well as vacuum your home more often.

Outdoor Safety Tips

  • With the coming of autumn many dog owners like to spend more time hiking, hunting, or camping. When taking your dog with you on these adventures it is important to keep in mind their health and safety as well as your own. Steps may include a first aid kit designed for your four-legged friend, a safety vest or reflective harness for your dog to wear, microchip and collar with identification tags.
  • A leash is an invaluable tool when enjoying the outdoors. As a responsible pet owner, you have spent a great deal of time training your dog to heel, however you should also recognize that in strange situations whether it is the sudden sound of a gun being fired or a wild animal appearing even the best canine can revert to their instincts and bolt from your side. Keeping a leash is a highly effective method of keeping your dog safe.
  • Vaccinations are always a must for the active dog. Whether the hazard comes from contact with another canine, drinking contaminated water, parasites waiting in the bushes, or other sources; vaccines can provide the necessary protection to keep them happy and healthy.
  • Many dogs suffer from seasonal allergies which become most noticeable in the fall. Visit your veterinarian to get the right diagnosis and medications for their comfort.

With a little forethought, you and your canine companion will have a great autumn season enjoying each other’s company both indoors and out.

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