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  • Homing Tags for all Loc8tor models
  • Smallest active RFID tag available
  • Up to 600 ft. Range
  • Comes in packs of 2 Tags
  • Each Tag is unique
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These are additional Homing Tags for use with either Loc8tor Pet, Loc8tor Plus or Loc8tor Lite. Up to 24 Tags can be registered per Handheld on the Loc8tor Plus and up to 4 Tags on the Loc8tor Pet and Loc8tor Lite; allowing you to attach a tag to nearly all of your important possession to ensure that they don’t get lost. Each tag comes with a GP189 battery or equivalent.

Expected battery life with batteries supplied is 2-5 months (this will vary with use).

Small, convenient size: Currently the smallest active RFID tag of its kind on the market weighing only 5 grams. It's small size makes it simply to attach to most items using the sticky tabs and lanyards provided.

Indoor or outdoor reliability: Loc8tor technology enables it to work through drawers, walls and doors meaning they will work almost anywhere, indoors or out.

Great range: Loc8tor has the best performing Homing Tags of its kind currently on the market. With a clear line of sight, a range of up to 600 feet / 183 metres can be achieved. "I have put one on my cats collar, one behind my interior mirror in my car (perfect for a busy car-park), one on my key-ring and one discretely onto my mobile phone...... I am sure the Loc8tor will be a part of my everyday life.” Terry Godbert - Blackpool

Tag's unique identity: Registering a Tag to the Loc8tor takes seconds, creating a unique link between Handheld and Tag. With the Loc8tor Plus, each Tag can be individually personalised by assigning it a name that is descriptive to what it is attached to. The Tags have been designed so that no other Loc8tor user can accidentally find your items, offering additional peace of mind. Mini homing tags can also work with a Loc8tor Plus in Alert mode.


  • Each Pack comes with 2 Homing Tags
  • Batteries included

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