Dogtra Brand


Remote Trainers

Family pets, hunting dogs, service dogs; make every dog exceptional with a Dogtra training collar

Bark Collars

Mild mannered to stubborn dogs, stop nuisance barking quickly with a Dogtra bark collar


Safely contain your pet on your property with a high quality Dogtra in-ground electric dog fence

GPS Tracking

Know where your dog is with a Dogtra Pathfinder GPS dog tracking and training system

Remote Launchers

Dogtra launchers designed for a wide variety of birds including pheasants, quail & barn pigeons

Parts & Accessories

Replacement chargers, batteries, transmitters, receivers, contact points, belt clips & more

Customer Reviews

Dogtra 280c Review
Candace Baird
Dogtra has always had great reliable collars for training.

I would highly recommend!
Dogtra 280C
Dogtra 1900s
Pete Walkup
Wish I would have bought sooner. The best accessory I have ever purchased in all the years with five large dogs.
Dogtra 1900S
Dogtra Arc Handsfree Review
Carmen Knauer
Absolutely reliable, Dogtra is and remains quality! And the hands-free variant is great for work on the pitch. Great highly recommended.
Dogtra Arc Handsfree

Why Dogtra?

If you are having behavioral issues with your dog, you can rely on a Dogtra training collar to discipline and train your canine. Dogtra is a leader in the industry and their remote training collars will quickly teach your little to large dog, stopping unwanted behaviors such as digging, jumping up and running away.

A Dogtra Fence will allow your dog the freedom to run and play freely. The e-Fence System collar/receivers are fully waterproof and are designed with your canine's safety and comfort in mind. This containment system has a pager/vibration which warns your dog prior to electrical corrections being made. The Dogtra eF-3000 Gold electric dog fence is tough, durable and will end unsafe gallivanting.