GPS Dog Tracking

Long-distance GPS dog tracking is a great advancement in dog monitoring, dog control and locating lost animals. Costs for these sophisticated systems have come down significantly in the past few years and, with our guaranteed, 110% lowest price promise, you'll feel secure knowing you've obtained the best for the least amount. You'll be amazed at the numerous benefits offered by these high-tech, advanced dog tracking systems. These highly advanced GPS dog tracking systems are great for tracking your dog(s) from miles away. They're guided through the use of global positioning satellites and are extremely accurate. Not only can you track and locate your dog from huge distances, but also incorporate training by sending cues and recalling him as well. They can be expanded to handle several dogs at one time by just adding extra receiver collars to the system. The Loc8tor Pet Handheld Pet Finder provides directional dog tracking at ranges of up to 400 feet, guiding you to your pet by sending cues to the handset and the tag worn on your dog's collar. Extra tags are also available. This neat little directional dog tracking system is very popular among deaf dog owners and additional tags can even be used to locate anything, including TV remotes, car keys and even the kids! Extra tracking collars for your dog tracking system can easily be added in order to expand the system to handle multiple dogs. They may also be needed if your original collar has been lost or become damaged. These are duplicates of the same high quality collar that came with your system and simply need to be ordered to match the tracking system brand you're using.