Choosing Between Long And Short Probes For Short & Long Haired Dogs

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When choosing a collar probe length, the dog’s coat is the most important determining factor. In most cases, dog breeds that have shorter coats require short probes. This includes breeds such as beagles, hounds, English pointers, and other dogs that have a similar length and thickness of coat.

eCollars with longer probes are required for dogs that have long, thick fur or a double coat so that the probes can more easily reach the dog’s skin. Long-coat breeds that normally need the longer probes include golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, and other breeds with similar coats.

Of course, this can vary between individual dogs. The thickness of the dog’s undercoat or coat can factor into the decision-making process when choosing between long and short probes.

In some cases, the weather conditions and time of year can also factor into which style of probes will work best. For example, longer probes might be needed when a dog has his or her thicker, heavier winter coat, while the shorter probes might work best during the hot summer season.

Ensuring Good Probe Contact

When fitting the collar in the case of dogs with long coats (and sometimes even with short-haired dogs,) it is sometimes necessary to thin his or her fur so that the probes can make better contact with the skin.

Although it’s not necessary to remove all of the furs, it should be thinned around his or her neck so that the probes are able to consistently make contact with the skin.

If the probes are not able to make good contact with the skin, the dog will not receive consistent correction stimulation, thus making training far less effective.

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