How Tight to Fit an E Collar

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When choosing an electronic training collar, it’s important that the collar is adjustable so that it is a good fit for the dog that will be wearing it.

Not only does the collar need to be adjustable so that it is the proper length to fit the dog’s neck, but the probes also have to be a good match for the dog’s coat.

In some cases, a particular unit might include both short and long probes. However, if you know you need a particular length of probe, you should make sure the collar you buy includes the right length.

Strap Length & Tightness

In addition to choosing the right length of probes, it’s necessary to have the length of the collar strap adjusted properly. As compared to the fit of regular dog collars, electronic collars need to be adjusted to a snugger fit.

The fit is a common mistake made by owners who have never used electronic collars before. Although at first glance the proper fit might seem a bit too tight, this kind of snug fit is important not only to the proper operation of the collar but also to the comfort and health of the dog.

If the fit is too loose, the collar and probes could rub against the dog’s neck, resulting in skin irritation and discomfort. Additionally, a too-loose fit will also result in inconsistent skin contact, which means the correction stimulation may also be inconsistent and ineffective.

Trimming a Collar to Fit

In most cases, the collar strap can simply be cut to fit if it is too large for the dog. Although this step is rarely necessary for an extra-large pet or even one of the larger standard breeds, trimming the collar is often required for some of the smaller breeds, such as a tiny dog or a lap dog.

In most cases, the standard collar strap size is a half-inch wide and 28 inches long. A strap of this size is generally designed to fit neck sizes ranging from 6 inches to 24 inches.

However, before cutting a collar to fit, it’s important to realize that not every model can be cut safely. In some cases, the collar might have an antenna built directly into the strap, which could be damaged if the strap were to be trimmed. If this is the case, the collar strap should not be cut.

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