Dogtra 200C / 202C Remote Dog Training Collar

  • Basic obedience, entry level training
  • Mid range e-collar up to 1/2 mile
  • Small receiver for dogs 10 lbs & up
  • 100 stim levels (vibration option)
  • Waterproof and submersible to 25 feet
  • Low-med power (soft-normal dispositions)
  • Available in 1 or 2 dog units
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Dogtra 200C / 202C Dog Training Collar Overview

Another 5 star rated Dogtra collar, the 200C / 202C is the redesign for the extremely popular Dogtra Element 300M. The manufacturer redesigned it to make it smaller and lighter with a sleek new design. With a ½ mile transmit range, the 200C is a low to medium power electronic training collar designed for dogs over 10lbs with a normal to mild temperament.

The Dogtra 200C / 202C is a more simple, basic design compared to other Dogtra models and has 100 levels of correction (as apposed to 127) and does not come with an LCD screen. Like all Dogtra training collars, the Dogtra does come with Nick and Constant static stimulation buttons on the side of the remote with a Rheostat dial on top for gradual stimulation increase.

It also comes with Pager (vibration-only) mode with the button located on the face of the remote. Vibration is used for warning the dog before static stimulation is applied. The Pager mode is also great for training sensitive, skittish, hard of hearing or deaf dogs.

Both the receiver-collar and handheld remote are completely waterproof and are submergible to 25 feet. The 200C / 202C features 2 hour rapid charge Li-Po batteries and comes with a splitter cable that allows you to charge both components at the same time.

The Dogtra 202C / 202C comes with two receiver-collars with color coded orange and black collar straps to the orange and black buttons on the remote making it easy to train two dogs from one remote by toggling back and forth from black to orange.  

Nick”: When the (N) button is pressed a split second correction is applied.

Constant”: When the (C) button is pressed, stimulation is applied for up to 12 seconds before the automatic safety feature shuts the collar off. It will reset itself when the button is released.

Pager” (vibration only): Vibration works similar to a cell phone (or the old Pagers) but much more powerful. It's used to warn your dog and should always be used before static correction. When the  (P) button is pressed, vibration will continue for up to 12 seconds and automatically shut off util the button is released.

Dotra 200C / 202C Benefits/Features

  • ½ mile range
  • Nick & Constant static stimulation
  • 0 - 100 static stimulation levels
  • Vibration only mode
  • Available in a 2 dog system: Dogtra 202C
  • Waterproof remote and collar
  • Rechargeable w/splitter cable
  • Universal charger (110v / 220v / 240v)
  • FREE step-by-step, 40-page training eBook download included with purchase (Limited time offer!)

Dogtra 200C / 202C Kit Includes

  • 1 Remote control
  • 1 Reveiver/collar
  • 1 5/8” contact points
  • 1 Charger (110v/220v/240v)
  • 1 Splitter cable
  • 1 Lanyard to carry remote around your neck
  • 1 Testing light
  • 1 User Manual

Dogtra 200C / 202C Transmitter (Remote Control) Spec's

  • Dimensions: 3.6" L x 1.1" H x 1.7" D
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Range: Half mile
  • Nick, Constant, Pager modes
  • Low battery light
  • Batteries: Rechargeable and user replaceable
  • Waterproof to 25ft

Dogtra 200C / 202C Receiver-Collar Spec's

  • Submergible waterproof remote
  • For dogs that weigh minimum 10lbs
  • Receiver Weight: 2.2 ounces
  • Receiver Dimensions: 2.3" L x 1.6" H x 1.2" D
  • Strap: ¾” wide, 29” long - (32 inch straps available but sold separately)
  • 5/8" Probes  (shorter and longer probes available but sold separately)

Dogtra 200C / 202C Batteries & Charging

  • Replaceable/rechargeable Li-Po batteries
  • Splitter cable and universal charger (110v / 220v / 240v)

Dogtra 200C / 202C Includes a 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

More Information
Manufacturer Code200C-CP
TemperamentLow To Medium
Transmit RangeUp to 1/2 Mile
Becon LightNo
Correction Levels100
Receiver Battery Life40-60 Hours
Transmitter Battery Life40-60 Hours
Floating TransmitterNo
Static StimulationYes
Receiver Dimensions2.3" x 1.5" x 1.3"
Transmitter Dimensions3.8" x 1.8" x 1.2"
Receiver Weight2.2 oz
Transmitter Weight4.0 oz