E-Collar Technologies BP37TR - Replacement Battery

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Replacement Li-Po battery for ET-300, ET-300TS , EZ-900, & PE-900 transmitters & receivers

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Educator Li-Po-3.7V-400 mAH - Replacement Battery

NiMH batteries are no longer offered for the older TS versions that were discontinued back in mid-2015. These models are considered obsolete and you will need to upgrade to the newer version (Please contact us for a discount code).

The best way to tell if you have the TS version is to flip open the rubber charging port plug on either the receiver or transmitter and if you see 2 metal pins inside you have the TS version. 1 pin is the newer version.

Replacement Li-Po Battery works with the following receivers and handheld transmitters (remote):


- ET300
- PG300

(Please look between the contact points on your receiver-collar to see which one you have)

Handheld Transmitters (remote)

- ET-300 Mini
- ET-300TS Mini


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Manufacturer CodeLi-Po-3.7V-400mAH
BrandE-Collar Technologies