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Educator Dummy Collars

Educator Dummy Collars

Available in both nylon and Biothane™ materials, Dummy Collars are an excellent choice for tricking your dog while real e-collars are being charged or are in use with other dogs. Each Dummy Collar is the exact weight and feel of the active Educator collars, and includes small standard insulated contact points so your dog will never know it’s a Dummy Collar.

Technical Features:

  • Small and large nylon collars available
  • Small and large Biothane™ collars available
  • Includes small, standard insulated contact points
  • Designed to feel exactly like active Educator e-collars

Small Educator Dummy Collars should be used together with:
300 and 400 Series Educator Training Systems

Large Educator Dummy Collars should be used together with:
800 and 1200 Series Educator Training Systems

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